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January update goes live!

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The January update has just gone live, bringing changes to a range of weapons, a new “Sanctuary” map for “Free for All” mode, SAP-6 shotgun and much more. Check it out!

Table of Contents

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  1. New "Sanctuary" map
  2. SAP-6 shotgun
  3. Expanded "Yakuza" weapon series
  4. Improvements for a range of guns
  5. Other changes
  6. Bug fixes
  7. Known issues


Queue up for FFA and you might end up on a Pacific island, similar to the one you’ve seen in the Special Operation “Sunrise”. 

Sanctuary combines thrilling aesthetics and action-packed gameplay. Throughout its development, the map received immense attention from the team to make it a truly enjoyable and memorable experience.

The map can be split in three key areas:

  • Waterfall residence
  • Road
  • Temple

Versatile Riflemen will make the most of the open grounds by the temple and in the waterfall residence courtyard, mobile and destructive Engineers and Medics will dominate the closed quarters in scattered buildings and alleys, while Snipers best take to the vantage points at the edges of the map for better map control.

It’s worth noting that one of Sanctuary’s distinctive features is the channel crossing the map that will help you cover your tracks and escape pursuit.

We’ve opted for the same eastern setting as depicted in Special Operation “Sunrise”. However, seeing as this is a PvP map, objects have been overhauled to make the map and the environment more “readable”. Learn more

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This game update brings SAP-6 pump-action shotgun to the Arsenal. This effectively makes it the second Legendary-tier Medic weapon, as is the case with three other classes. It boasts a competitive rate of fire and high damage, easily becoming one of the best pump-action shotguns in the game.

It boasts a competitive rate of fire and high damage, easily becoming one of the best pump-action shotguns in the game.

As any other Legendary-tier weapon, SAP-6 comes equipped with a bright red 1.3x Fast zoom C-More collimator sight that increases accuracy when aimed.

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Expanded "Yakuza" weapon series

The set receives one weapon per class: HCAR, MAG-7, CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1 and Remington MSR. Moving on to the sidearms and melee weapons, the set will also be featuring M1911A1 and the Balisong knife. If you already own the regular versions of these weapons, you will be able to get “Yakuza” skins that can be applied to them!

Yakuza are as striking as ever: dragons, fierce masks and cherry blossoms are the all-time classics, never out of style.

CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1
Remington MSR

Each newly added gun comes with its own achievement, awarded for 15 000 combat kills with that specific gun. Once unlocked, these stripes can be pinned on your profile!

Interested in summoning Yakuza to your side? Stay tuned for our next article on this topic and find out how to get ancient power!

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Improvements for a range of guns

Eleven weapons for various classes are  buffed in this update: FN SCAR?H, FN F2000, Type 97, Gold Fabarm XLR5 Prestige, Mossberg 500 Custom, H&K MP5A5 Custom, Honey Badger, Gold Honey Badger, PP-2000, PM?84 Glauberyt Custom and M14 Crazy Horse.

All versions of the guns are subject to changes. Please refer to the table below.

Decreased recoil.
Decreased spread while jumping and zooming.
FN F2000
Smoother recoil while shooting many bullets at once.
Type 97
Increased zoom-in speed.
Increased arms and legs damage multiplier.
H&K MP5A5 Custom
Increased range (8 to 9).
Increased zoom-in speed.
Increased arms and legs damage multiplier.
Honey Badger
Increased RPM (750 to 760)
Increased damage (75 to 80).
Increased head damage multiplier.
Increased arms and legs damage multiplier.
Gold Honey Badger
Increased RPM (760 to 770)
Increased damage (75 to 80).
Increased head damage multiplier.
Increased arms and legs damage multiplier.
Increased head damage multiplier.
PM?84 Glauberyt Custom
Increased head damage multiplier.
Increased arms damage multiplier.
M14 Crazy Horse
Increased clip capacity (10 to 15).
Increased minimal damage
Increased arms and legs damage multiplier.
Gold Fabarm XLR5 Prestige
Increased RPM (190 to 200)
Mossberg 500 Custom
Crosshair reticle now returns faster to its original size after a shot
Increased legs damage multiplier

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  • Special Operation "Sunrise":
    • Increased completion rewards (WF$, XP, Vendor Points)
    • Adjusted requirements: time to complete and total kills needed for Crowns
  • Disabled the Christmas content in the game. The following elements have been changed to their non-festive versions:
    • Music theme
    • Main menu
    • Custom Christmas maps
  • “Yakuza” weapon skins are now available for direct purchase in your “Inventory” in the game. Select an appropriate weapon to find the skin.
  • Spectator mode for tournaments now features respective team highlights for teams Warface (blue) and Blackwood (red), regardless of the spectated side. At the same time, character inking (friendly or hostile) are visible at all times. Please note that this is a prototype still in development.
  • Resurrection coins found in rank-up boxes have been replaced by Crowns. The amount of Crowns yielded depends on the player Rank.
  • Addition check-ups have been added for Ranked Matches in cases of reconnecting players, to validate player inventory for any prohibited items.
  • Visual effects for hit registration against cybernetic units have been changed / enhanced (SED 2.0, etc).
  • Improved weapon positioning to better synchronize AI units’ actual aiming direction with the visual feedback (guns now point more precisely as to where they are aimed, visually). This will be especially useful when dealing with enemies using laser-aimed weapons.

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  • Enemy beacons no longer remain active on the minimap throughout the entire round.
  • "Platoon"ammo pack is now available in the game.


  • Schmidt & Bender v2 4x6x scope for K.I.W.I. Gepard GM6 Lynx is now altered by the K.I.W.I. skin.
  • Santa Hog weapon icons are now displayed correctly.
  • The display of incorrect total ammo values for several weapons has now been fixed.
  • The “Path of a Warrior” achievement progress when using the “Yakuza” katana has been fixed - kills now count correctly towards the achievement.


  • The round start countdown timer now functions correctly in round-based game modes.
  • Player suspension timers for abandoning a match are now displayed correctly.


Special operation “Sunrise":

  • Stage 1: the players no longer get stuck in a specific location.
  • Stage 1: the jetpack AI units no longer get stuck midair after reaching their destinations in specific areas on the map.
  • Stage 2: certain units no longer get stuck by the mobile energy shield at the hangar entrance.
  • Stage 2: the mobile energy shield container is no longer missing a collision-enabled frame.
  • Stage 2: the C4 model no longer gets stuck midair if bomb planting was interrupted by the player.
  • The downed team members no longer fail to revive when a living player reaches the Control Point in special operations on “Insane”.
  • A black stripe is no longer displayed in the upper left corner during the final cutscene.
  • The objects are now displayed correctly, matching the distance between the object and the player.
  • Fixed performance issues that occur after completing special operations and switching to a PvP game mode.
  • Mobile energy shield carrying animation is now displayed correctly.


  • Loot tables for Saiga Spike and Taurus Judge Random Boxes have been altered, Resurrection Coins are no longer found within.

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  • The lock icon cannot temporarily be displayed over excess slots when creating custom rooms for fewer than 16 players.
  • Special operation “Sunrise”: player character is sometimes displayed without a weapon at the post-match results screen.

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