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Open Cup Week - get your permanent OC gear!

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Warface Open Cup: Season XIV LAN Finals is almost here! While e-sports athletes are preparing for fight, you can join in: take part in our special event "Open Cup Week" and get a full Open Cup equipment permanently!

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  • From 12:00 UTC January, 25th to 12:00 UTC January, 31st win matches in "Plant the Bomb", "Capture" and "Blitz".
  • Only Quickplay and Ranked count (no custom rooms).
  • Loss streaks do not influence the result.

The more victories you get — the longer the duration of the equipment you get!

  • First win will give you full Open Cup equipment for 10 days.
  • 26th victory will give you the same equipment for 30 days (these durations sum up).
  • If you manage to claim 60 and more victories, you get the full equipment permanently.

All items are transferred to "My items" on the website. Your progress can be tracked on a special page.

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Open Cup equipment is allowed at Open Cup tournaments, so you can feel the competitive vibe while wearing it. It is tailored for PvP, but is also suitable for PvE missions. 



Rifleman Open Cup Helmet
  • Head protection +20 %.
  • Flashbang protection +70 %.
Medic Open Cup Helmet
  • Head protection +20 %.
  • Flashbang protection +60 %.
  • Regenerates 7 HP over time (after 4 sec with no hits).
Engineer Open Cup Helmet
  • Head protection +20 %.
  • Flashbang protection +60 %.
  • Detects enemy mines.
Sniper Open Cup Helmet
  • Head protection +20 %.
  • Flashbang protection +60 %.
  • Detects enemy mines.
Open Cup Vest
  • Explosives protection +40%.
  • Decreases damage by 10 points per hit.
  • Incoming melee damage -20%.
  • Reload speed +10%.
Open Cup Gloves
  • Accuracy +10%.
  • Weapon select/deselect speed +20%.
Open Cup Boots
  • Sprint speed +5%.
  • Sprint distance +50%.
  • Delays claymore activation by 3 sec.

So, you are just one victory away from getting the first prize! And the most hard-working of you are going to get this equipment permanently.

Good luck!

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