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Lunar New Year in Warface

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Dear players!

The heart-colored decorations are already being warmed up by the soft light of traditional lanterns. Ill-fortune was swept away as the Pig takes the stage – the symbol of the new Lunar year and a bringer of wealth.

We have prepared various actvities for you. In-game events, festive login streak and increased server rates await!


TILL 12:00 UTC (13:00 CET) ON 11.02


Event Page

PvP: Moon sanctuary

Mighty dragons of old legends slumber inside the sanctuary. Will you dare to awaken them?

Complete 15 matches in "Free For All" mode on "Sanctuary" map and make at least 1 kill.



Learn more about "Yellow Emperor" series.

PvE: Dragon Rise

The sun rises over the island that dragonkin used to inhabit. Will you find their traces?

Complete special operation "Sunrise" 8 times on any level of difficulty.



Learn more about "Yellow Emperor" series.

Event Page

Login streak

 TILL 12:00 UTC (13:00 CET) ON 11.02


The daily login rewards have been changed. Stock up on Fireworks Grenades that summon colourful dragons. Breath life into the myth for the wide-eyed witnesses as your might burns them to a crisp. Yellow Emperor bestows his power upon you!


Day 1

Yellow Emperor Ultra Marine Knife (for 7 days)
Day 2

Fireworks Grenade (25 pcs)

Day 3

Yellow Emperor Desert Eagle (for 7 days)

Day 4

Fireworks Grenade (25 pcs)

Day 5

Yellow Emperor Daewoo K1 (for 7 days)

Day 6

Yellow Emperor Cobray Striker (for 7 days)

Day 7

VIP Booster (for 1 day)



Learn more about "Yellow Emperor" series.

New daily login rewards will be active for a week - to be replaced by the standard rewards on February the 11th. Your old login streak will resume where you've left it off. Please note that if you skip one festive day, the progress of the special streak will be lost.

Server rates

FROM 08.02 TO 10.02


Dragon blessings will be upon you on those days and will provide 50% more Warface Dollars, Experience and Vendor (Arsenal) points! Do not miss out on this festive boost.

Feed the Yellow Dragon with the will of those who oppose you!

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