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Bullet for your Valentine: now in Warface

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Raw emotions go hand in hand with Warface but their eruptive power truly reach its peak when St. Valentine’s comes in. Find your match on the love fields of our game – and this time we ain’t talking ‘bout shiny new guns!
Project’s team congratulates you with the most romantic holiday of the year: come and enjoy yourself with St. Valentine’s Day event in Warface.

Special event

Those three little words… it has begun! No kidding. The race for your heart has started and will last not as long as somebody may wish for… the magic fountain will run dry at 21:59 CET (20:59 UTC) on February the 18th. 
Make this period productive to obtain new achievements, VIP boosters, Battle Points, resurrection coins of course mines. Who doesn’t love those!? Put your back into it and push as much as you can – the better you do – the more rewarded you’ll get!

Event page

[PVE] Love is in the air

Eliminate enemies in PvE-missions (excluding "Practice" and "Easy" levels) and in any special operations!

Kills Reward
500 10 pcs. 3 days
1500 15 pcs. 5 days
3000 25 pcs. 7 days 75 BP

If you manage to eliminate 3000 enemies in PvE, you'll be able to get a "Lovey Dovey" achievement!

[PVP] Cupid, fire!

Eliminate enemies in PvP Quickplay or Ranked Matches.

Kills Reward
250 10 pcs. 3 days
500 15 pcs. 5 days
1000 25 pcs. 7 days 75 BP

Eliminate 1000 enemies in PvP, and you'll be able to get a "Heartbreaker" acheivement.

[ALL] Heartbeat

Complete all PvP and PvE tasks to get the ultimate "Love to Death" achievement!

NOTE: only completed matches (both wins and losses) count towards the event progress!

Good to know

  • Tasks are completed separately: you can get rewards for PvP and for PvE, as well as the ultimate reward for completing both mission chains.
  • Rewards sum up, so overall you can get 30-day VIP booster, 50 resurrection coins, 50 anti-personnel mines, 150 battle points and 3 achievements.
  • Apart from Battle points, all rewards will be added to "My items" section within a day after you complete the task. Battle points will be added to Syndicate page.
  • If you don't have access to Syndicate, but you have completed the tasks, you'll be able to find the Battle points in "Pre-order" menu at "My items". Should you purchase the battlepass, the battle points will be transferred automatically.

Oh, la la! C’est Loveface!

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