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Pinky Sale

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Forget about plainness with the coming of St. Valentine! Do you want attention and love? We've got you covered! Quite literally. Covered with pink camo. 

Special Pinky Sale features glamorous Micro Desert Eagle of the same colour and themed "Sweet Vengeance" weapon skins collection.

Get your desserts by the 18th of February!

Pink Micro Desert Eagle

What's small, pink and gets used only on St. Valentine's day? Correct, that's our little lethal boy: Pink Micro Desert Eagle. Don't judge its size - it gets job well done more often than many of its higher-caliber peers. Try it out! Pinky promise that you won't be disappointed.

PINK Micro Desert Eagle comes into the store

Treat yourself to some delicious achievements with your new pink friend!


Sweet Vengeance

Why don't you go where fashion sits? Cover your not-so-shiny guns with themed dream-coloured skins and get 'em working! And here's your cherry: 50% discount is up for your vengeance to taste like heaven.

Sweet dreams are made of these
?? AS "Val"
Beretta MX4 StormBeretta MX4 Storm
Barrett M98BBarrett M98B

Please mind that camouflage items only change the appearance of weapons (it's a trap!) without affecting their stats. To use the camo you need to have a regular version of the matching weapon in your arsenal - make sure the key fits the hole!

Because you know we're all about that pink, 'bout that pink, no treble!

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