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Soon in game: "Widestreet" map revamped

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The game will soon feature the revamped version of the familiar Free for All map "Widestreet" with significantly improved gameplay and appearance.


Which map do you immediately think of when it comes to "Free for All"? Most likely, it is "Widestreet", since it is one of the first and all time favourite locations of the hottest mode in Warface. The "Widestreet" map features the same oriental style as the "Yard"one that got updated last year. No matter which class you opt for, you will feel comfortable among long and narrow areas the map provides.

In terms of gameplay, there are no drastic changes: you will find the majority of key objects at their normal places but with one difference: players will no longer be able to get up on the second floor of the high building in the centre of the map meaning that it will be impossible to secure this favourable vantage point and deal numerous death blows. Besides, we demolished several fences that made players vulnerable while climbing; at the same time, some spawns were further protected aiming to defend recently respawned players from enemy fire.

The surface became flatter to avoid possible problems with slides and scope fluctuation and let you concentrate on taking your enemies down with precise shots.

Visual overhaul includes improved map illumination and more vivid and realistic texture of surrounding objects. Thus, we managed to give the map a unique oriental touch and make it transparent enough to read the enemy well. There is less grass on the map so it will be more difficult to hide in it.


Easter eggs are the most enjoyable part! When you occupy a high vantage point, take a look around — there is something beyond the river.


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