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Soon in game: Golden McMillan CS5 and equipment changes

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Several items will be changed in the next update. The precision rifle McMillan CS5 will be significantly improved and will get a long-awaited golden version! Saiga Spike combat shotgun, K.I.W.I. equipment, all the bayonets, Melee Hit Gloves and Carbon Fiber Gloves will also be subject to changes.

McMillan CS5

Great news: the next update will bring a significantly improved legendary precision rifle McMillan CS5. All the weapon versions will be modified.

  • The minimum damage will be increased.
  • The damage to limbs will be improved.

To offset these changes the rifle’s silencer will reduce damage by 5%. Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that taking into account the gun’s specs and silencer modifications the revamped McMillan CS5 will be more powerful than before.

In addition, the arm will get a unique suppressor instead of the standard one.

McMillan CS5 Silencer McMillan CS5 Suppressor

Decreases damage by 5%.

Eliminates sound.

Improves penetration.

Decreases muzzle flash.

Improving McMillan CS5 and depriving it of the golden version would be an awful mistake! Gold McMillan CS5 boasts increased clip capacity, damage to limbs and effective range.

Achievements are always the best part of the show! Killing enemies with Gold McMillan CS5 will grant you a unique stripe.

Other equipment modifications

The next update will also bring changes of other arms and equipment. Please revise the table below for their detailed description.

Saiga Spike Increased head shot damage.
K.I.W.I. Set (4 items) 

Increases protection from explosives by 40%.

Increases head protection by 30%.

Increases sprint speed by 5%.

Increases sprint distance by 40%.

Decreases damage by 10 points per hit.

Melee Hit Gloves  

Increase melee range by 20%.

Increase primary melee attack speed by 20% (instead of 30%).

Increase secondary melee attack speed by 40%.

Carbon Fiber Gloves 

Increase reload speed by 20%.

Increase melee radius by 20%.

Increase primary melee attack speed by 20% (instead of 30%).

Increase secondary melee attack speed by 40%.


    Increased attack range and attack radius.

Please note that the characteristics indicated above are preliminary and are subject to changes per general testing results.

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