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April Fools' shop update and login streak

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Quit fool around,soldiers! Da great war has comein. Isa time to pick up weesa bombad weapons and fight weesa nemesis with honour. Weesa no retreat,amd weesa ganna never surrender.

Da special weapon supp ganna laston till da 8th of April!

Store (till 08.04)

Maxim 9

Maxim 9 is da first-of-its-kind pistol in game provid a unique gameplay. Without a doubt,da gun ganna be appreciat by pvp fans due to its high damage,bombad aim accuracy and bombad range.

Da Maxim 9 is obtainable via Random Boxes for Kredits anda Crowns!

"Joker" weapon skins

These extreme cool look camo items ganna sure intimidata yousa foes!

????? SpikeSaiga Spike
Beretta MX4 StormBeretta MX4 Storm
Tavor STAR-21 Navy BlueTavor STAR-21 Navy Blue
Calico M950Calico M950

Please remember da camo on changein da appearance of a weapon without affect its stats. Yousa ne to has a original wepon in order to use da camo.

Magic Wand

Dis is weesa most powerful weapon ever creat. Be careful whena yousa use it!

????????? ???????Magic Wand

Da return of iconic weapons

Gun-Glove, Aquatic Assassinator, Wooden Hammer, Digger of Doom and Banana Claymore have come back!

Thesa unique weapons is filla with da awesome technology. But remember,witha great power comein greata responsibility...

Unrepeatable login streak (till 08.04)

Getin new and old themed items for free dur da festive login streak!

Dat streak contents

Day 1

Magic Wand

3 days

????????? ???????

Day 2

Joker skin for Calico M950


Calico M950

Day 3

Joker skin for Tavor STAR-21 Navy Blue


Tavor STAR-21 Navy Blue

Day 4


5 days

Day 5

Joker skin for Berretta MX4 Storm


Beretta MX4 Storm

Day 6

Joker skin for Saiga-12 Spike


????? Spike

Day 7

Joker skin for XM8



Icky, icky goo!

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April Update - now live!
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