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April Update - now live!

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The April update has landed on Warface servers, lol. The "Specter" equipment, revamped "Widestreet" map, Golden McMillan CS5 and its upgraded regular version, Maxim 9 and Marlin 1894 Custom and much more await. Be first to check it out!


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  1. New content.
    1. "Specter" armor"
    2. Revamped "Widestreet" map
    3. Gold McMillan CS5 and its improved regular version
    4. Maxim 9
    5. Marlin 1894 Custom
    6. "Joker" skins
    7. Magic Wand
    8. "Galaxy" weapon series
  2. Content changes
  3. Bug fixes
  4. Known issues

New content

"Specter" armor

For the first time in its history Warface will feature a hefty series codenamed "Specter" with "Gamma" being the first equipment group of the series available (its legendary-tier helmets and gloves are already up for grabs). The VP quantity required to unlock this armor was decreased significantly in comparison with the weapon cost, so you will easily unlock the set for your favorite class.

The items’ specs differ in order to suit better the gameplay style of each class. What is more, the "Specter" series offers class-specific set bonuses that will be unlocked as soon as you equip several items of the series.

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Revamped "Widestreet" map

The game now features the revamped version of the familiar Free for All map "Widestreet" with improved gameplay and appearance. In terms of gameplay, there are no drastic changes but players will no longer be able to get up on the second floor of the high building in the centre of the map. Besides, several fences that made players vulnerable while climbing were demolished.

The surface of the map became flatter to avoid possible problems with slides and scope fluctuation and let you concentrate on taking your enemies down with precise shots.

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Golden McMillan CS5 and regular version upgrade

The precision rifle McMillan CS5 was boosted and received a long-awaited golden version!

The following stats were modified:

  • The minimum damage was increased;
  • The damage multiplier to limbs was improved.

To offset these changes the rifle’s silencer will reduce damage by 5%. Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that taking into account the gun’s specs and silencer modifications the revamped McMillan CS5 will be more powerful than before. We’ll soon tell you about how to get your hands on these awesome guns. 

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Maxim 9

Maxim 9 is the first integrally suppressed pistol in Warface providing a unique gameplay. Without a doubt, the gun will be appreciated by PvP fans due to its high damage, good aiming accuracy and excellent range. Thus, the pistol can be placed among such popular high-tier performers as S&W M&P R8 and CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot.

Maxim 9 comes equipped with two unique barrel accessories and a 1,4x reflex scope.

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Marlin 1894 Custom

Marlin 1894 Custom is a new Medic weapon that can remind you of other one-off in-game guns: just like Saiga Spike - Marlin 1894 Custom uses slug rounds instead of usual pellets, while its reload system resembles that of another Wild West symbol, Winchester M1897.

Marlin 1894 Custom comes equipped with two unique accessories: a silencer and a x1.3 reflex sight with a fast zoom that increases accuracy while aiming.

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"Joker" skins

April Fool's Day ain't no laughing matter. It's the time of the year when we traditionally test our new spells of explosive power. Muggles refer to it as a cutting edge technology developed by the world's secret services. But we know the truth. And we'll laugh last.  

????? Spike
Beretta MX4 Storm
Tavor STAR-21 Navy Blue
Calico M950

Top-tier illusion spells will be cast on XM8, Saiga Spike, Beretta MX4 Storm, Tavor STAR-21 Navy Blue and Calico M950. 

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Magic Wand

And now it's time for the real deal. Time to upgrade that rusty unused rod of yours into something shiny and adored. The wand’s special effects are spectacular while the unique achievements it grants are absolutely mind-blowing.

????????? ???????

It’s time to teach your enemies a magic lesson!

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"Galaxy" weapon series

Prepare for jump to hyperspace! "Galaxy" series awaits you.

Uzkon UNG-12
H&K MP5A5 Custom
H&K G28

The new series comprises the following arms: HArms CQR, SAI GRY AR-15, SAP6, Uzkon UNG-12, H&K MP5A5 Custom, Micro-Roni, H&K G28 and H&K USP, as well as cosmic weapon skins for normal guns. We will soon tell you about how you can get them.

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Content changes

  • Now it is possible to put a PvP match on hold. The Warface Tournament Server players have already checked this function.
    Main principle
    • The pause function applies only to Clan Wars, Private Rooms and Ranked Matches ("Plant the Bomb", "Capture" and "Blitz").
    • Any team can initiate the pause vote.
    • As soon as the required minimum of votes is achieved, the game will be suspended for 60 seconds at the beginning of the next round.
    • Vote time is 60 seconds.
    • A player can launch the second vote 30 seconds after the end of the previous vote.
    • The teams can vote simultaneously but as soon as one of the votes is completed, the second one finishes.
    • Each team can pause the match only once a match.
    • The pause vote cannot be initiated if any other vote is already in progress (and vice versa).
    • To launch the vote exit to the class selection menu pressing ESC: "Vote" -> "Pause". The button is hidden in other game modes.
    • During the pause the screen reads "Game is on pause". All actions available before the match are active. When the pause time runs out, the screen will disappear and the game will go on.
Weapons and gear
  • Weapon customization tab: now you can see 9 accessories at a time without scrolling.
  • "Saiga" Spike: increased head damage multiplier.
  • K.I.W.I. set (4 items): now increases sprint distance by 40% and reduces damage (-10 points per impact).
  • Melee Hit Gloves: the primary melee attack speed bonus has been decreased by 20% (30% before).
  • Carbon Fiber Gloves: the primary melee attack speed bonus has been decreased by 20% (30% before).
  • Bayonets: increased range and radius.
  • Smoke grenades: in spite of the fact that the visual effect will be fine-tuned, certain mechanics have been reworked. Now if the smoke grenade rolls to a stop on a flat surface (it slows down to the threshold value), it goes off.
  • Rooms with fewer than 6 players (24 players for "Battle Royale") will be closed.
  • "Free for All": increased total kill limit (from 300 to 500); the time limit remains the same.
  • "Storm": increased points gained for capturing spots.
  • Locked slots in private rooms now stand out clearly.
  • Training mission overhaul:

  • shortened mission duration;
  • modified enemy line-up;
  • clearer direction of movement, more action packed and expressive location;
  • more dynamic map with a greater number of objects you can interact with.
  • Special Operation "Sunrise" improvements:

  • changed transition to cutscenes and their ending before the stealth mode (except on "Hard");
  • added new visual effects for the portable energy shield;
  • game process changes aimed at preventing cheating and improving the gameplay;
  • visual upgrades of all the stages of the Special Operation;
  • fixed minor bugs.

Now it is easier to get "Tech Guru" achievements in the "Black Shark" Special Operation: by destroying 100 turrets you’ll receive the first achievement, 500 and 1000 turrets - the second and the third ones respectively.

You can now use unlimited Resurrection coins between checkpoints on "Easy" level of difficulty, 5 coins on "Normal" and 1 coin on "Hard" in the following SpecOps: "Anubis", "Pripyat", "Blackout", "Icebreaker", "Sunrise", "Earth Shaker", "Cyber Horde" and "Black Shark".

Other changes
  • Rooms with fewer players than is required to start the match will be closed automatically.
  • The illumination configurations of certain substances have been changed to ensure that revamped smoke grenades work properly and players are not visible through the smoke screen.
  • The player will automatically receive the "Best of the best!" mark after gaining 12 seasonal stripes for reaching the 1st League in Ranked Matches.
  • Improved client-server mechanics composing the game’s protection system.
  • Icons of some golden weapon Random Boxes are now of the same colour.
  • Added the "Forest Warrior" achievement for the "Wilderness" weapon series.
  • Slightly changed the interface of special offers.
Sent for readjustment

Smoke grenades. The current version will not feature the reworked smoke grenades as they will be further revamped per testing results. The old smoke screen version will be active with the high quality April update arriving at the game servers on time. The improved version of smoke grenades will be applied later meaning that the April update will be launched on time and smoke grenade visual effects will become even better than the current ones..


Bug fixes

  • SPAS-12: fixed the error causing incorrect gun animation.
  • PKP Pecheneg: fixed the error causing mismatch between "Flor de Muerto" camo icon and the weapon texture.
  • Dragunov SVU-AS: fixed the error causing incorrect rifle display in the character’s left hand in third-person view.
  • ?40?5: fixed the error causing the Fast Mid-Range Scope 5x to be installed by default instead of the Default Sniper Scope 5.5x when applying the Tigerstripe Skin or the Desert Snake Skin.
  • Mosin Model 1891/30: corrected the error in the SesMit silencer description.
  • HCAR "Yakuza": fixed the error causing weapon accessories to be available even if they are locked in the arsenal.
  • AX308, Barrett M98B: fixed the error hindering "Flor de Muerto" camo application to rail accessories.
  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 "Yakuza": fixed the error causing weapon accessories to be available even if they are locked in the arsenal.
  • "Platform": fixed visual artifacts appearing in several spots on the map.
  • Fixed the "Yakuza" skin description of Katana in the Random Box awarded for completion of the "Sunrise" Special Operation (it used to be called Katana "Yakuza").
  • Fixed the issue when the player could not get a temporal item through the message box after deleting the same expired object from the inventory.
  • Fixed the error causing new message notification to be displayed in the message box even after reading the message.
  • Fixed the error causing pop-up messages in the message box to cover the "Buy" button in the shop.


Known issues

  • The battle group is comprised of 2 players in PvP team modes (Quick Play).

Good luck in battle!

P.S. Artwork by Celeste#0294. Thank you <3

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