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Direct sale: Yakuza RPD Custom and HCAR

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The cherry blossoms are swept away by the wind calling you on new adventures.

This time direct sale offers two trustworthy Yakuza allies you can take with you: RPD Custom and HCAR.

These guns will be availbale in store till the 8th of April.

Yakuza  RPD Custom

“Custom” in the name of the gun implies that it has been modified - improved in comparison to the standard version. A large variety of attachments will help you to customize the gun – play the way you like! Impressive damage, easy-to-control recoil and advanced zoom-in make RPD Custom indispensable in any PvP match. 

Yakuza HCAR

The rifle is set to revolutionize gameplay in Warface, and is the first semi-automatic weapon for the Rifleman. Whether you’re a Rifleman ‘main’ looking to try something new, or a veteran Sniper looking for an easy transition, this is hands down your best pick. HCAR deals double damage to body and limbs, sports considerably high damage — enough to knock most of them down. 


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