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April Update #2

Categories: Patch Notes


The new game update brings SIG MPX SBR Custom submachine gun, the expansion of "Spectre" gear series, the changes to a range of weapons and more. Check it out!

Table of Contents

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  1. New content.
    1. The expansion of "Spectre" series.
    2. SIG MPX SBR Custom.
  2. Content changes.
    1. Weapon improvements.
    2. Player animation improvement.
  3. Other changes.
  4. Fixed bugs.

New content

The expansion of "Spectre" series

"Spectre"gear series was expanded with "Gamma"squad vests and boots, as well as "Delta" squad gloves and boots. Thus, "Delta" set items appeared in the game for the first time with the gear present for "Rifleman" and "Sniper" classes.

New items of "Gamma" squad will traditionally be added to the legendary supplier tier of your arsenal. As for "Delta" items. you will have a chance to get these for completing "Icebreaker" and "Blackout" special operations at the "Hard" difficulty level. Learn more.


Proceed to the store for SIG MPX SBR Custom - a new “Engineer” weapon. This is a modular submachine gun, distinguished by high damage and good firing range. To smite the enemy, one burst to the body and limbs or one hit in the head at close quarters is enough!

SIG MPX SBR Custom is already in store!

Please note:

  • you have a chance to obtain temporary and permanent weapons from Random Boxes  
  • you have a chance to obtain the golden version of the weapon from Random Boxes
  • permanent iems will need repairs
  • one of the potential rewards is the smuggler's card that allows to purchase a regular version of the weapon for a fixed price  

Brave Engineers that will neutralize 10 000 and 25 000 enemies from the regular version of SIG MPX SBR Custom will be the owners of "Silent Demise" and "Advanced: Silent Demise" badges, while those who strike down 999 enemies from the golden version will get the "Plague Bearer" stripe.

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Content changes 

Weapon improvements

This update brings changes to the stats of a range of guns including HArms CQR, Marlin 1894 Custom, SIG MPX SBR Custom, Remington MSR and Maxim 9. The changes will affect all versions of these weapons, unless otherwise indicated. Below is the table showing the alterations.

Move the cursor over the icon  to see the list of changes

Increased damage to 84 (was 83).
Increased range to 17 (was 14).
Increased damage multiplier to legs.
Marlin 1894 Custom
Increased accuracy in aiming mode (when walking or standing).
Decreased damage drop at distance.
Decreased recoil.
Slightly increased minimal damage.
Slightly increased accuracy in aiming mode.
Remington MSR
Increased clip capacity to 10 (was 7).
Increased ammunition to 60 (was 42).
Increased damage multiplier to legs.
Golden Remington MSR
Increased clip capacity to 12 (was 10).
Increased ammunition to 72 (was 60).
Increased damage multiplier to arms.
Maxim 9
Increased clip capacity to 15 (was 10).
Slightly increased accuracy (when walking or standing).
Increased ammunition to 120 (was 80).
Golden Maxim 9
Increased clip capacity to 20 (was 12).
Slightly increased accuracy (when walking or standing).
Increased ammunition to 160 (was 96).

Player animation improvement

Improved character animation from a third-person view. This is the first part of the changes that covered the following aspects for male and female characters with different types of weapons:

  • the start of running forward 
  • the start of sprint
  • step with a turn to the left or right
  • offset to the left or right
  • shooting, while moving left and right 
  • character immobility
  • backward movement
  • jump
  • moving and shooting, while crouching
  • the position of the character's head in the slide 

This is only a part of the changes aimed at improving the animation of movements. The work on it will continue, and future updates will address other aspects of character animation.

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Other changes 

Weapons and gear
  • The appearance and icons of the improved assault sight, Aimpoint Comp4s collimator and light sight (5-fold) have been improved. Also, some camouflage items can now be applied to them, and in the indicated sights for "Medic" and "Rifleman" classes the aiming grid was additionally changed.

  • Optimized consumption of PC resources by some samples of equipment (by simplifying model elements that are not visible to the player’s eye).

  •  Added golden attachments for the guns of the "Yellow Emperor" series. 

  • AMP DSR-1: now a rifle shot overcomes the first-hit protection granted by a number of vests.
  • The possibility to take a pause in the “Plant the bomb”, “Capture” and “Blitz” modes is disabled until the error is corrected, due to which in rare cases the game rooms can be disbanded.

  • The revival time is reduced in the "Destruction" mode.

  • The process of getting the "Brain Scorcher" achievement on the map "Exclusion Zone" is simplified. Now you need to earn the "Skull Hunter" reward for it.

  • The Balkan region was pulled out of the rotation of daily PvE missions due to the outdated visual component of the levels, mechanics and inconsistencies compared to the game standards in general

  • Special operation "Sunrise" (Act 1 and Act 2): the scaling has been changed for a more convenient use of the minimap.

  • [Experimental change] The chronicle of the match events in the upper right corner of the screen is clarified.

  • The game now features stripes indicating the player's service record in the clan. We will tell you about the ways of obtaining these achievements in the future.

  • Made multiple edits in the game's localization.

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Fixed bugs

Weapons and gear
  • XM8 "Joker": accuracy parameters are aligned with the regular version of the weapon.

  • Calico M950 "Joker": the rate of fire is aligned with the regular version of the weapon.

  • HCAR "Yakuza": the parameters of the minimum damage, damage drop and a number of other stats are aligned with the regular version of the weapon.

  • M1911A1: the parameters of its series variants are aligned with the regular version of the weapon.

  • Golden Uzkon UNG-12: fixed a bug due to which when you put on the platinum camouflage, the appearance of the regular version with golden modules was applied to the shotgun.

  • Uzkon UNG-12:
    • fixed a bug due to which when you put on the "Impulse" camouflage - it was not applied to the modules.

    • fixed a bug due to which when you fired from the gun, the sound of "Saiga" Spike shot was played.

  • HArms CQR: fixed a bug that caused the actual aiming point to not match the default point of the front sight.
  • "Factory": got rid of the unintended chamber between the boxes at the "Hangar" point.

  • "Widestreet": fixed a bug due to which after the death of a player his weapon was left hanging in the air above the ground.

  • "D17": fixed a bug due to which the boxes disappeared between the points "Ambush" and "Garbage".

  • “Bridges”:  got rid of the unintended chamber at the Blackwood's team point of revival.

  • "Bridges": got rid of the unintended chamber at the "First Floor" point.

  • "Factory": got rid of the unintended chamber at the "Garbage" point.

  • "Widestreet": fixed a bug due to which players, mines or abandoned weapons could fall into the texture of the ground.

  • "Widestreet": fixed a bug due to which some objects disappeared at a certain distance.

  • "Trailer Park": fixed a bug due to which a trailer was missing at the "First Hangar"point.

  • "Plant the bomb" mode: fixed a bug due to which in some cases the game chat did not work on the post-match statistics screen if the game was completed during the installation of the bomb.

  • "Blitz" mode: fixed a bug that sometimes caused a round not to end if the attacking team was eliminated.

  • Fixed a bug due to which in some cases, the team chat was not available to observer players in user rooms.
  • "Africa": fixed a bug due to which players could get points in unlimited quantities when shooting a boat in one of the missions.

  • Fixed a bug due to which when selecting a weapon in the notification window about the expiration of the temporary weapon, the default weapon was equipped.

  • Fixed a bug due to which the player could observe the visual and sound effects of grenades thrown at the training venue just before the exit.

  • Fixed a bug due to which weapon models of destroyed opponents sometimes got stuck in the texture of the ground, if the player selected them several times in a row.

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Best of luck in the field!

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