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May Update - Now in game!

Categories: Patch Notes


A new update has landed on Warface combat servers bringing the submachine gun Thompson M1928, new festive achievements and other changes. Check ’em out downloading the latest version of the game client.

Thompson M1928

The new version of the game client features Thompson M1928, a weapon of choice for Engineers that was a common sight during World War II. If you are into long missions, this arm will make the best pick!

Apart from the sleek looks, its golden sibling boasts improved stats: higher damage, effective range and rate of fire values. Don’t forget about custom achievements granted for dealing killing blows with this weapon.

Please note that we'll tell you about how to get your hands on this awesome gun in future dedicated articles.


  • The "Syndicate" button in the "Services" tab of the game client is no longer active.
  • The following weapons have been added to the list of allowed arms in the Ranked Matches: Thompson M1928, DP-27, Mosin Model 1891/30, Shpagin PPSh-41, Sturmgewehr 44, Winchester M1897, Nagant M1895, Luger, Sickle, Hammer.
  • The anticheat has been updated.

Before entering, please, make sure that you have updated your game client to the latest version and that your antivirus is not blocking Warface. The update will be downloaded automatically upon the game launch.

See you in game!


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