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Triumphant shop update

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Victory is at hand with superb weapons and offers that have just hit the store. Meet and greet:

  • Brand new Thompson M1928 available in Random Kredit Boxes
  • Golden DP-12 available via Direct Sale
  • 40% discount off all Random Kredit Boxes with weapons currently in store (excluding Thompson M1928) 
  • 50% discount off "Aurora" squad body camo

Yeah, that's a lot. Dig in! The feast will last till the 13th of May.

Thompson M1928

The weapon boasts a superior rate of fire, a high-capacity magazine and impressive ammo, offset by moderate reload speed. Thompson M1928 is effective in close quarters combat and at medium range. Thanks to its awesome looks, the gun will make a great exhibit for any collection.


Golden DP-12

DP-12 is as powerful as its prototype, and is one of the most advanced Medic primaries in the game. Aside from its damage, DP-12 sports one of the highest rate of fire and lowest recoil values among the pump-action shotguns in the game. While it doesn’t fire both rounds simultaneously, the delay between the shots is minimal -- you can place a follow-up shot in the blink of an eye!

May the victory be with you!

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