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Global Update "MARS"

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The new global update "MARS" is coming bringing along a Special Operation under the same codename. This time Warface squads will face enemy troops on the Red Planet. Many of you have appreciated the unpredictable plot twists, unique gameplay and breath-taking settings of "Sunrise". Want more? The new Special Operation will not disappoint you!


Mars colonists discover the bacterium "Sedrium" whose waste products were recently found on Earth and are used by Blackwood in experiments aimed to create new super-soldiers. They also employ them to transmit nerve impulses at a distance which could boost the development of the SED. However, the "Sedrium" reserves have almost run dry. To keep up the production the corporation needs living samples of the bacteria which the colonists happen to so timely discover on the Red Planet.

Oberon White sends landing SED capsules to Mars to capture the colonists’ base. Warface squad is to derail his plans and fight Blackwood forces outside Earth using enemy cyborgs.

New gameplay experience

The "Mars" SpecOp is the first of its kind: its unparalleled gameplay will grant you fresh impressions and exclusive experience.

  • Remote SED control. The unique technology of Blackwood will allow players to find themselves on Mars by connecting to the enemy’s cyborgs and controlling them from a distance.
  • Energy weapon ARCUS. This modular weapon was specifically developed for the Martian mission. It offers several modes of fire which can be used no matter what class you opt for: automatic assault, tactical semi-automatic and special designed to face particularly dangerous enemies. You do not have to reload it provided it does not overheat.
  • Modified gravity. Gravity on Mars is much weaker than on Earth. So movement will feel different: it will be slower while jumps - higher and longer.
  • Solo stages. To successfully defeat the boss, players will require special modules for ARCUS weapons, which obtainable only by completing individual missions in special zones.
  • Space defibrillator. It can be employed by all the classes but cannot deal damage to the enemy. It has only one charge restored at control points.


New enemies

You will encounter extremely dangerous opponents never met before.

  • Spider mines. Homing explosive devices that, upon detecting an enemy, move in their direction and go off after reaching the target. Only energy weapons are able to destroy them.
  • Martian SED-2. Blackwood’s main offensive force. They are equipped with energy guns and play different roles on the battlefield: snipers and riflemen. The elite SED-2 painted in black are the most dangerous ones since they are designed for frontal attacks and have a large safety margin.
  • Antaeus-6. Heavy mining droid firing a machine gun. Blackwood overtook control over it and now uses the droid as a fighting machine. When trapped in a vulnerable position, Antey-6 launches homing missiles and uses protective EMP field.
  • And a unique boss larger than anything you have fought against so far. Maximum cooperation will be required to destroy it.

"Ares" weapon series

Upon completing the Special Operation "Mars" you can get your hands on a unique weapon of the "Ares" series delivered straight from the Martian laboratories! The set includes one gun for each class. Mind that "Ares" is not a camo but a tactical kit that changes the weapon's geometry and improves its performance.

M60E4"Ares" M60E4
?????-12?"Ares" Saiga-12C
JS 9mm "Ares" JS 9mm
MK 14 EBR"Ares" MK14 EBR

Don’t forget that landing kills with the "Ares" weapons will grant you custom stripes!

We will tell you about the "Ares" series in future articles.


Upon completing the Special Operation "Mars" the most outstanding soldiers will be rewarded with 20 thematic achievements. To collect all badges, marks and stripes you will have to win the enemies and demonstrate good teamwork.

Implementation of Blackwood’s plans will entail deaths of the colonists and other terrifying consequences. Stop the enemy at any cost!

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