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Ten novelties of special operation "Mars"

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Global update "Mars" will soon land on Warface servers. Here is some latest info about it. Today we will talk about brand new features of Special Operation "Mars". It is time to learn what secrets the Red Planet keeps!

1. Good bye, sweet home!

For the first time in its history the game will feature extraterrestrial battles. You will be able to contemplate breath-taking Martian landscapes and pay a visit to colonists’ research station towering above a vast wasteland. Feel like shooting a sci-fi movie?

2. Go home, gravity, you are drunk!

A weaker gravity of the Red Planet will contribute to otherworldly experience as well. Enjoy picturesque scenery jumping high and far. It might take you a while to get used to the unusual movement system.

3. Humans are obsolete!

During the Spec Op you will get a unique opportunity to adopt the role of your enemy manipulating a SED 2.0. Feel the real power of destruction! Be on high alert as it is easy to hijack a SED. Guard your back!

4. Energy weapons from a galaxy far far away...

Martian SEDs 2.0 come equipped with energy guns of the ARCUS series. You do not have to bother about reloading but do prevent it from overheating or you will need to change power cells. And it will take you far more time than a normal reload!

5. The fire modes of ARCUS.

Since ARCUS is a modular gun, you can switch fire modes. There are three of them at your disposal: automatic assault, semi-automatic tactical and an incredibly powerful one dealing devastating damage. Swap combat roles with a keystroke!

6. Face new enemies!

In the Special Operation "Mars" you will face a new type of enemies: homing spider-mines, a heavy droid "Antei-6", and a gigantic boss the likes of which you have never seen in the game before. The outcome of the whole mission will depend on your tactics and cooperation.

7. Move shelters!

At one of the stages you will have to duck for cover to avoid fierce enemy fire. No minute to spare! Use a huge moving container to protect yourselves and advance forward.

8. Solo stand.

To emerge victorious in the final showdown you will need an incredibly powerful ARCUS module obtainable in a special individual mission. Put your combat skills to the test in a face-to-face standoff!

9. Laser disco!

"Mars" will pose yet another challenge. Beware of powerful laser beams! If you happen to touch one of these, the mission might be over for the whole squad. It's a good idea to stay the hell away from them! At some stages lasers will form lethal obstacles and will be deactivated at regular intervals while in other cases they will move along a set path.

10. Gods of War.

"Ares" series is a line-up of weapons with "Ares" specific attachments that drastically change not only the weapons’ looks but also their stats (damage, rate of fire, range, magazine capacity etc.). The series includes one gun for each class. You can get your hands on them by completing the Special Operation "Mars".

M60E4"Ares" M60E4
?????-12?"Ares" Saiga-12C
JS 9mm"Ares" JS 9mm
MK 14 EBR"Ares" MK 14 EBR 

The new Special Operation offers tons of one-off features. Brace up and see you on Mars!

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