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Crown shop update

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A large Crown shop update takes the stage - it will shine till around 11:00 CEST (9:00 UTC) on the 24th of June. During this time the following weapons will be available both via Crown and Kredit Random Boxes:

  • New Stoner LMG A1
  • Maxim 9
  • Uzkon UNG-12
  • LWRC SMG-45
  • H&K G28

Please note that Stoner will remain in store via both Crown and Kredit Random Boxes even after the specified deadline.

Stoner LMG A1

The gun boasts an excellent accuracy-damage ratio especially while aiming. Besides, fast reload makes Stoner LMG A1 stand out among other weapons of the same class as it takes the operator only 4 seconds to change the magazine and get ready to fire.


Maxim 9

Maxim 9 is the first-of-its-kind pistol in game providing a unique gameplay. Without a doubt, the gun will be appreciated by PvP fans due to its high damage, good aiming accuracy and excellent range. 


Uzkon UNG-12

Uzkon UNG-12 shows plenty of promise with accuracy, effective range, damage and rate of fire values — the latter as its forte. Having said that, it falls short of customization features provided by its peers, as the shotgun can only be outfitted with a flash guard that reduces muzzle flash and damage drop beyond its effective range.


In terms of combat specs, LWRC SMG-45 is a hulkier version of the UMP. It can dish out the highest damage of all Engineer primaries and is capable of killing with a single shot to the head. To offset this strength, we’ve given it a lower rate of fire, harsher recoil and restricted its effective range. 

H&K G28

When it comes to combat stats, H&K G28 is a totally different breed. The rifle allows its user to be effective at any range, as its unique collimator sight accommodates for medium to close range encounters. Alongside versatility, G28 excels in delivering substantial damage — two shots will be enough to take any target down, while a single headshot will be lethal. 

Vi means Victory!

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