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Soon in game: AK-12

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Soon you will be able to expand your armory with a mind-blowing AK-12, a modernized version of the famous Kalashnikov rifle designed for the Russian Armed Forces to replace the legendary AK-74.


Compared to its predecessor, the gun boasts improved ergonomics, a more reliable construction, reduced recoil, and suppressive fire. Moreover, the modified rifle can be used with just one hand, whether it's the right one or the left one. This can play a crucial role when the soldier is wounded.

AK-12 is a state-of-the-art gun and features a Picatinny rail atop the receiver for mounting additional scopes, a telescopic double-sided buttstock, and a new fire mode of 2-round bursts. At the same time, it remains the most reliable weapon on the planet.

Weapon in game

AK-12 in Warface sports first-rate specs: incredible damage, extraordinary range and comfortable recoil. The rifle will come in handy almost at any distance! Moreover, considering that it deals additional damage to limbs every impact will inflict substantial damage to the opponents.

Gold AK-12 is worth of a special highlight: while its flashy design is predictably amazing, the increased rate of fire, larger magazine and additional ammo make it overwhelmingly powerful. This gun is a must-have for that top-of-the-line slot in your armory - it will be a reliable friend in any heated battle!


Apart from the standard attachments, AK-12 comes with 4 unique ones that will allow you to immediately adapt the arm to changing combat situations!

AK-12 suppressor

Improves penetration
Reduces damage drop
Slightly decreases recoil

??-12 silencer

Allows for stealthier shooting
Reduces damage
Increases accuracy

??-12 grip

Increases accuracy
Decreases recoil
Increases reload speed

Romeo 4 collimator

Fast x1.3 zoom 
Decreases sway


Landing kills with AK-12 and its golden version will bring you custom stripes.

Please note that the specs indicated above are preliminary and can be subject to changes per general testing results.

War is a necessity not a luxury – use the best tools at your disposal!

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