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Massive store rebalancing

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The store has been rebalanced. Here's a list of what changed:

  1. Certain weapons previously available only for rent with Warface Dollars can now be purchased permanently with the same currency.
  2. Certain weapons previously available only for rent with Warface Dollars can now be purchased permanently with Crowns.
  3. Prices for certain WF$ Boxes have been readjusted.
  4. Certain weapons have left the store and will be available in the future via events and other activities.
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  1. Affected weapons: Barret M107, Barrett M98B, FN F2000, Famas F1, SIG 551, Kel-Tec shotgun, Utas UTS 15.
  2. Affected weapons: Beretta MX4 Storm, SR-2 Veresk, PP2000, VSS Vintorez, CheyTac M200, Orsis T-5000, M60E4, AS -VAL, Anakon Semi-Auto shotgun, Sidewinder Venom, Derya MK10 VR 102, Army Knife, KA-BAR, S&W Survival Tanto Blade, H&K USP, Rhino 6DS, Mateba Autorevolver, Walther P99.
  3. Affected weapons: SR-2 Veresk, PM-84 Glauberyt Custom, M40A5, AWM, MSBS Radon, AK 47, Saiga Spike, Fabarm PSS 10, M1911A1, Kukri Machete, MP-443 Grach, QSZ-92, Taurus Judge, Jagdkommando.
  4. Affected weapons: M4 CQB, Calico M960A, MPA 10SST-X, B&T MP9, Daewoo K1, JS 9mm, H&K G36C, Daewoo K7, Skorpion vz. 83, M16 SPR Custom, QBU 88, XM8 Sharpshooter, H&K SL8, Daewoo K2, AUG A3, XM8, M16A2 LMG, Daewoo K3, H&K MG4, AUG A3 Hbar, H&K G36K, Calico M955A, H&K MG36, Calico M955A, H&K MG36, MG3, SPAS-12, Cobray Striker, SPAS 15, Remington 810 CB, MC 255 12, Jackhammer, Derya MK10 VR 102, AA 12, Remington 870 RAS.

And of course, the store has also been updated with the new guns! The following weapons will be available till around 11:00 CEST (9:00 UTC) on the 12th of July:

  • Regular and Golden HArms CQR via Random Kredit Boxes + Regular HArms CQR via Direct Sale
  • Regular and Golden HCAR via Random Kredit Boxes + Regular HCAR via Direct Sale
  • Regular and Golden Steyr Scout via Random Kredit Boxes + Regular Steyr Scout via Direct Sale


Though HArms CQR offers an average rate of fire and range, it has high damage and incredibly low recoil; that’s why the weapon remains comfortable to control even after long bursts. Please note that the drop of the Platinum Skin guarantees the golden version of the gun.


The rifle was set to revolutionize gameplay in Warface - it's the first semi-automatic weapon for Riflemen. Whether you’re a Rifleman ‘main’ looking to try something new, or a veteran Sniper looking for an easy transition, this is hands down your best pick.

Steyr Scout

While its accuracy and damage remain absolutely out of  question, even the rate of fire is incredibly high for a bolt-action rifle — coupled with low recoil, this makes Scout a prime weapon for sniper's close quarters combat. 

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