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July Update

Categories: Patch Notes


The new update has already landed on Warface servers bringing AK-12, reworked smoke grenades, slide tweaks and more. Be the first to try them out!

In some cases you will have to update Microsoft Visual Studio system libraries to successfully launch the client. Please, use the following links.

Table of ?ontents

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New ?ontent


The game now features AK-12, a cutting-edge version of the famous Kalashnikov rifle designed for the Russian Armed Forces to replace the legendary AK-74.

AK-12 in Warface sports first-rate specs: incredible damage, extraordinary range and comfortable recoil. The rifle will come in handy almost at any distance! Moreover, considering that it deals additional damage to limbs every impact will inflict substantial damage to its owner’s opponents. Learn more.

The mind-blowing AK-12 is already available in Random Kredit Boxes!

64-Bit ?lient

Warface now supports the 64-bit OS; thus, users will be able to appreciate all the benefits the 64-bit Warface game client has to offer, among them:

  • Full memory allocation — 64-bit applications can make use of all of its allocated RAM in order to load the textures;
  • Better pagefile processing — the system that keeps RAM safe from overload (that can occur due to excess amounts of information being stored on the hard drive).  Learn more.

New Smoke Grenades

The smoke screen visual effect has been improved. Grenades are a key tactical tool in any game mode. Read more.

  • The look of the screen is now synchronized for all match participants to avoid situations when a player (believing it is safe) reveals his/her presence to another one due to differences in smoke screen display. The change will make combat more fair ensuring that all participants are on an equal footing.
  • Changed shape of the smoke screen — it is now more homogeneous on the edges allowing to easier predict the smoke grenade effect.
  • Improved screening — the smoke is now more dense making it harder to track other players’ movements in the cloud.
  • Once a player finds him/herself in a cloud of smoke, a special visual effect gets activated and the screen is veiled by a thick cloud of smoke. Now it is more difficult to orient within the cloud.

Content ?hanges

Slide Changes

We have added an intermediate position of the character if sliding is abruptly hampered. First, the character will take a "seating" position and only then "stand up". Moreover, the transition between the states will be smoother. It will allow for the character’s model to synchronize in the first and the third person views; besides, it will prevent dishonest behaviour and rule out the unintended advantage. Learn more.

Progression System Tweaks

To speed up the process of unlocking items, the VP quantity required to get a progression item has been significantly reduced! For example, the total number of VP needed to collect all the progression arms used to be 6 290 000 VP. Now it is decreased to 489 850 VP.

You will keep your current progress for the next unlockable item, unless this item is the last one in a supplier branch. Let's say you've accumulated 2 431 VP out of 24 310 VP before the update - that is 10%. Now your progress will eaqual to 800 VP out of 8 000 VP - still 10%.

However, please keep in mind that the progress towards the last item of any supplier branch will be reset to 0%. Learn more.

Weapon Tweaks

The specs of the following weapon models have been modified: Typhoon F12, Fostech Origin-12, H&K UMP, Kriss Super V Custom, Alpine and MPA 930DMG. Changes also apply to some claymore types. Learn more.

All the versions of the rifles will be subject to change, unless stated otherwise. Have a look at the table below to discover new combat stats.

Hover the cursor over  to see the tweaks.

Typhoon F12

Damage increased to 675 (used to be 670).
Improved accuracy while aiming.
Fostech Origin-12

Rate of fire increased to 200 (used to be 190).
Decreased maximum spread.
Reduced spread while walking and jumping.
Reduced sight swing while jumping.
Golden Fostech Origin-12

Rate of fire increased to 210 (used to be 200).
Decreased maximum spread.
Reduced spread while walking and jumping.
Reduced sight swing while jumping.

Reduced recoil.
Increased damage multiplier to the limbs.
Kriss Super V Custom

Increased damage drop at distance.
The aiming reticle of Redring MK2 reflex sight is replaced by a dot.

Rate of fire increased to 42 (used to be 39).

Mag capacity increased to 21 (used to be 18).
Ammo increased to 84 (used to be 72).
Decreased maximum spread.
Christmas Gift Box

Increased damage.
Banana Claymore

Increased damage.

Other Changes

  • Added new stripes to the national flag achievement set: Pakistan, Mongolia, Iran, the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Tunisia. The stripes are going the be available on Friday, July 26th!
  • AK-47: the reflex sight Leupold Deltapoint without additional bonuses is now back in the attachment list.
  • The localization of certain Crown Random Box types has been updated.
  • "Battle Royale": smoke grenades are now unavailable in this game mode.
  • Nicknames and clan names are now more readable on the "Sexennial" stripe.
  • The textures of certain weapon attachments have been optimized.
  • "Mars" Special Operation: current sound effects have been improved and new ones have been added.
  • The "Hangar" and "Vault" maps have been substituted for their summer versions: "Hangar Jogos 2016" and "Brazilian Vault".
  • A special sound will now announce the start of bomb demining; thus, it will no longer go unnoticed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the error which caused incorrect icon display in the kill log upon eliminating SED 2.0 if the last damage points were dealt with melee arms.
  • Fixed the error due to which sometimes rooms could not be created in the Ranked Matches and "Quick Play".
  • "Capture": fixed the error due to which the end game stats screen might display a crate with launch codes instead of a soldier if the player who raised it in the last round left the battle early.
  • Fixed the error which sometimes caused the timer of the beginning of the match to work incorrectly in "Quick Play" if one of the players was excluded from the room.
  • Fixed the issue when sometimes users were banned in Ranked Matches without a good reason.
  • Fixed a number of errors which rarely caused the game client to crash.
  • Fixed the issue when a player could not start looking for a Ranked Match due to a prohibited item even if they had no such object in the inventory.
  • Fixed the localization of the 11th rank reward crate.
  • "Farm Sunset": fixed the error causing the appearance of visual artefacts on the map.
  • "Platform": fixed the error causing the appearance of visual artefacts on the map.
  • "Platform": fixed the error which granted an unintended advantage to the Blackwood team.
  • "Platform": an unintended spot where players got vulnerable has been eliminated.
  • "Platform": fixed the error when in a certain place on the map grenades fell through the floor.
  • "Residence": unintended spots where players got vulnerable have been eliminated.
  • "Ice-Breaker", "Blackout": fixed the error when only one reward crate instead of two was awarded for mission completion on the “Hard” difficulty level.
  • "District": fixed the error causing bomb model to freeze mid-air if the character installed it sitting on the edge of the car’s roof.
  • "District": fixed the error when a bomb thrown into a car could not be picked up.
  • Mini Uzi: the gun is now correctly displayed in the character’s arms in third person view.
  • "Blackout": fixed the error causing incorrect sound reproduction at the truck stage.
  • "Middle East": fixed the error when a player could get out of the helicopter flying between mission stages.
  • "Sunrise" Special Operation: fixed the error when the power shield froze in mid-air, while being installed.
  • "Sapper shovel": fixed the error causing incorrect display of the model of the character's hands in first person view during additional attack or while moving an object (for example, crates in PvE-missions).
  • "Plant the Bomb": fixed the error causing sound delay while an Engineer was defusing a bomb, thus, providing an unintended advantage.
  • "Practice": fixed the error when the player might get stuck in surrounding models.
  • FN P90: the player will no longer be able to start firing before reload animation finishes.
  • AMP DSR-1: fixed the error when the aiming reticle might slip down in sprint mode and not coincide with the aiming mark.
  • Smoke grenade "Syndicate": the grenade model is now correctly displayed in first person view while moving an object (for example, crates in PvE-missions).
  • "Sapper Helmet": all the helmet parts are now correctly displayed.
  • Kriss Super V Custom: the weapon is now correctly positioned in the character's hands while using the tactical grip Vector in third person view.
  • The class icons of certain skins in the shop now correspond to the weapon classes.
  • Kills landed with previously “unaccounted” weapons will now count towards achievements granted for kills made with precision rifles (for example, "Mean and Unseen", "Sharpshooter" and so on).
  • Limited the possibility of using certain screen resolution configurations that grant unintended advantage in the game.
  • "Safe House": visual interaction hints are now displayed on the objects being moved.

Known Issues

  • The error "Failed to update the list" might occur on channels with 10 and more user rooms.
  • To successfully enter the game be sure to install the latest client update. The update will be downloaded automatically after launching Warface. Make sure that the data downloaded and installed is not blocked by your antivirus software.

Good luck in battle!

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