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"Earth Shaker" PvE Event

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Are you ready to prove your mastery of PvE missions and obtain "Earth Shaker" weapons? Then this event is for you!

From today and until the server maintenance next week complete PvE missions on "Hard" to get additional rewards.

Each successful completion earns you two items. You can get XP, handy consumables, resurrection coins, while the most determined players will get their hands on the prime rewards — permanent "Earth Shaker" series weapons!

 Earth Shaker Type 97

Earth Shaker Crye Precision SIX12 

Earth Shaker ACR CQB



Earth Shaker McMillan CS5

Earth Shaker Glock 18C

Earth Shaker KA-BAR Kukri Machete


By burning down 10 000 foes with any "Earth Shaker" weapon you will also receive a special stripe to pin on your profile.

Shake and shatter!

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