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Abundant shop update

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Upgrade your arsenal using the power everyone will reckon with. The following weapons will be available in store till around 11:00 CEST (9:00 UTC) on the 31st of July:

  • Regular and Golden SIG MPX SBR Custom via Random Kredit Boxes + Golden SIG MPX SBR Custom via Direct Sale
  • Regular and Golden Steyr Scout via Random Kredit Boxes + Regular Steyr Scout via Direct Sale
  • Regular and Golden HCAR via Random Kredit Boxes +  temporary Regular HCAR via  Direct Sale
  • Regular and Golden Fostech Origin-12 via Random Kredit Boxes +  temporary Regular Fostech Origin-12 via  Direct Sale
  • Regular and Golden ACR CQB via Random Kredit Boxes + temporary Regular ACR CQB via Direct Sale

Special highlight: SIG MPX SBR Custom

SIG MPX SBR Custom is a submachine gun with high damage and good firing range, as well as low recoil. Its main feature is firing bursts with a cut-off of four rounds. One burst to the body or limbs is enough to get rid of the enemy, and at close quarters it will be enough to launch one shot in the head! 


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