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Get cool weapons with this kredit offer!

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This offer is no longer available


Have you ever wanted to play with some different weapons, try out the different techniques? With this special offer, you can!

Just top up your account on a special page with the amount specified in the table below, and the powerful guns will be yours! 

Buy Kredits

The offer will end on August the 9th at 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST).

You purchase

You receive

A pack of 300 Kredits

300 +  Stoner LMG A1 for 5 days


A pack of 500 Kredits

500 + AK-12 and Marlin 1894 Custom for 5 days

A pack of 1000 Kredits

1000 + Thompson M1928 and H&K G28 for 10 days

Conditions of the offer

  • The bonus can be received only once when purchasing the fixed packs of 300/500/1000 Kredits from a special page.
  • After paying for a fixed pack, you will receive both Kredits and the weapons, specified in the table above.
  • The bonus for each pack of Kredits can be received only once throughout the duration of the offer.
  • For purchasing three specified packs the player can receive five temporary guns.
  • After your purchase the items will appear in "My Items" section of the website.


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