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Soon in game: Gerber Tomahawk

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Gerber Tomahawk, a new melee weapon, will soon appear in game. This multifunctional axe has an increased melee range and damage. And its secondary attack can defeat even an enemy in Corundum vest!


Gerber Tomahawk was developed by a famous American outdoor equipment manufacturer Gerber. It was positioned as a lightweight multifunctional tool for defense, infiltration and evacuation. Gerber Tomahawk is made of a solid steel plate with a full tang construction. Its handle is shaped like a crowbar, which, combined with the gap in the blade for the hand grip, makes it an effective lever. Gerber Tomahawk’s butt is enforced and made in a way for it to be comfortably used as an axe and a hammer.

Gerber Tomahawk is made of 420HC high carbon steel with Cerakote ultra-resistant ceramic coating. Handle material – G-10 - is a composite made out of fiberglass, epoxy resins and some other materials, is made to be highly resistant, light and providing a reliable grip in any conditions. Axe is 49 cm long and weighs 862 grams.

In Warface

Gerber Tomahawk axe has an increased weapon range and damage. And its secondary attack (Right mouse click) can defeat even an enemy in Corundum vest!

Its gold version will feature even higher weapon range and damage, which will satisfy all melee fans.


And don’t forget about achievements! Annihilating enemies with Gerber Tomahawk will earn you honorable distinctions.

Please note that the weapon specs indicated above are preliminary and can be subject to change per general testing results.

Axe your way to victory!

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