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Kredit Getaway - One Million Kredits Up For Grabs

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Let’s cut to the chase, it’s an entire million of Kredits for the taking, and you’ve got to get your share! Better hurry up, the Kredits are running out!

Let’s break it down quickly: everyone that buys Kredits will receive an entire 25% extra to their Kredit purchase. For example, if you buy 1000 Kredits, you will receive not just a thousand, but 1250. At the same time, the counter’s going to go 250 Kredits down. Once banner is gone, so is the deal. 


Note: The offer is only available until there are Kredits left in the counter. When there are no remaining Kredits, no extra Kredits will be added, since the offer will be over.

Gear up!

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