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Crown shop update

Categories: Armory


Beasts have been unleashed - claim their power for yourselves.

The following weapons will be available in store till around 11:00 CEST (9:00 UTC) on the 11th of September:

  • Regular and Golden Tavor TS12 Custom via Crown Random Boxes
  • Regular and Golden Truvelo CMS via Crown Random Boxes
  • Regular and Golden Maxim 9 via Crown and Kredit Random Boxes
  • Golden Bushmaster BA50 via Direct Sale (Kredits)
  • Golden Desert Tech MDR-C via Direct Sale (Kredits)

Special Highlight: Tavor TS12 Custom

Tavor TS12 Custom is a one-off shotgun that fires three-round bursts and boasts fast follow-up shots. One burst will eliminate any foe in a heartbeat! This weapon offers good accuracy while aiming and also excellent range. On top of that, the load-one-round-and-resume-fire system makes Tavor TS12 Custom lethal in close and medium range combat that fits Meds just perfectly.

Claim the power of a natural disaster!

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