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Golden shop update

Categories: Armory


What's better than mighty weapons with supreme power? Correct! Their golden versions.

The following weapons will be available in store till 11:00 CEST (9:00 UTC) on the 20th of September:

  • Regular and Golden Desert Tech MDR-C via Kredit Random Boxes and Regular Desert Tech MDR-C via Direct Sale (Kredits)
  • Regular and Golden Beretta ARX160 via Kredit Random Boxes and Regular Beretta ARX160 via Direct Sale (Kredits)
  • Golden Winchester 1887 via Direct Sale (Kredits)

Special Highlight: Desert Tech MDR-C

It is an engineer gun that allows barrel and zoom upgrades. This bullpup SMG features controlled recoil, quick reloading and high damage, which allows to pierce helmets even when using a silencer.The golden version of the gun has a slightly higher hip accurcay and a larger clip. 

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