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"Berserk": Missions and Progress

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The "Berserk" Battle Pass is on its way and it's always good to learn more about  the challenges you'll face up ahead. Today we will tell you about the event mission system and personal progress. Their fundamental principles are similar to those of "Armageddon" but have been fine-tuned according to your feedback.

Mission System

"Berserk" presents a task system, where mission blocks are added weekly. Each week out of 12 (BP duration) will offer 10 missions of four different difficulty levels (120 missions in total). The period during which you need to complete them is limited only by the event duration. After their completion the player will be receiving personal progress XP and personal crates with rewards.
The completion of a certain number of missions will also grant you valuable permanent items: unique "Salamander" gear and fantastic weapons.
Per tradition, a mission can be finished immediately for Battle Points bringing you a crate, BP, XP and +1 completed mission in the counter, just like in case of a normal completion. You will have to do PvP tasks in "Quick Play" or Ranked Matches, while PvE ones apply to missions on difficulty levels higher than "Training". The difficulty of Special Operations is indicated separately.
Now to the changes:
  • Missions are 20% easier
  • Completion of weekly tasks will bring you "Salamander" set items for the class chosen at the beginning of the event instead of awarding gear for a random class (as it used to be in "Armageddon"); but the reward list now includes powerful Random Box guns.
  • Item distribution in the mission progression has been reworked: now it is not necessary to complete all tasks to collect the set.
  • Successfully completed missions now grant Battle Points.
This set of changes will make reward acquisition more balanced and accessible, while additional Battle Points will help to finish difficult tasks.

Daily Missions

The conditions of daily mission completion remain unchanged:
  • The task will be updated only if it is finished.
  • The update takes place at 21:00 UTC (23:00 CEST)
  • It is not possible to change the mission or complete it with BP.
  • The reward is personal progress XP.

Personal Progress

Participation in matches and mission completion brings personal progress XP. Just like before, the first 20 levels award items, while all higher levels grant a personal class-specific crate.
All levels require the same XP quantity.
Unlike in the previous Battle Pass, personal progress in "Berserk" results in the acquisition of powerful permanent guns —  ???-9 pistol and its golden version. You will be able to get your hands on them after reaching level 100 and level 500 of personal progress respectively. Thus, weapon crafting with resources from crates has been substituted for weapon acquisition.
There is an infinite number of progress levels.

In the near future we will tell you about the weapon crafting system and its tweaks, the "Salamander" set and "Berserk" weapons, personal crate modifications and other features of the new Battle Pass.
Get ready for the arrival of "Berserk"!


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