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Crafted weapons for purchasing Kredits

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Do you want to get your hands on crafted "Open Cup 2019" weapons?  With this offer you can!

Just top up your account on a special page with the amount specified in the table below, and the godly weapons will be yours! 

Buy Kredits

The offer will end on September the 22nd at 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST).

You purchase

You receive

A pack of 300 Kredits

300 + "Open Cup 2019" Balisong Knife and Maxim 9 for 5 days

A pack of 500 Kredits

500 "Open Cup 2019" AK Alpha and Typhoon F12 for 7 days

A pack of 1000 Kredits

1000 + "Open Cup 2019" Kriss Super V Custom

and CDX-MC Kraken for 10 days

Conditions of the offer

  • The prizes can be received only once when purchasing the fixed packs of 300/500/1000 Kredits from a special page.
  • After paying for a fixed pack, you will receive both Kredits and the weapons, specified in the table above.
  • The prize for each pack of Kredits can be received only once throughout the duration of the offer.
  • For purchasing three specified packs the player can receive six "Open Cup 2019" crafted weapons.
  • After your purchase the items will appear in "My Items" section of the website.

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