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Berserk: changes in personal crates system

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"Berserk" is coming and today we suggest our players to watch a video with the game producer Evgeniy Parinov (RU), who will tell us more about the event special and unique aspects. Darkest ever smoke and other "Berserk" features are already in the video!

Changes in the personal crates system

One more innovation is the personal crates system update. There are two of them now:

  • Crates are class-specific now;
  • Now you can get a guaranteed permanent weapon from the crates.

And some more info:

The class you choose will have influence on the crates that you will get during the event. They become class-specific and contain the reward which the player can use.

Apart from this, we’ve changed the reward system. There were no restrictions before, but now there’s a "limit on amount of failures": if the players weren’t lucky enough to get the gun from the 49 crates, the 50-th crate will definitely bring them the weapon they were to get. More crates  — more weapons! Rewards cannot duplicate: getting the weapon you want means that you will not be able to get one more from this crate.

See you in game!

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