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Autumn Call – PvP and PvE event

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Even though it’s only September outside, it’s a good idea to already start preparing for winter. That is why we declare the start of the Autumn Call event – the one that will suit both PvP and PvE fans out there.

What to do

As simple as that - choose a PVP or a PVE mission and complete it daily.
  • PvP task: Kill 50 opponents throughout a day in any PVP mode or ranking matches (excluding custom rooms). The progress from the left matches will not be counted.
  • PvE task: Make 200 kills throughout a day in any Special Operation. The progress from the left matches will not be counted.


  • choose the mission (PVP or PVE). Once you’ve done it, you can’t change your choice;
  • complete the mission before 00:00 UTC;
  • you can only finish 1 mission a day (either PvP or PvE – you choose);
  • each task gives you 1 token;
  • if you complete 5 missions (not necessarily in a row) - you will receive 3 bonus tokens and a Mega VIP booster for 1 day! This booster will be delivered to "My Items" section on the website;
  • the event will last for 30 days.


Collect 20 tokens and exchange them for a permanent gun. You can earn maximum 48 tokens within 30 days of the event and thus get 2 permanent weapons!

CALICO M955A Winter Camo

AUG A3 9mm XS Winter Camo

MC 255 12 Winter Camo

CheyTac M200 Winter Camo

And don’t forget about the 1-day Mega VIP you get for every 5 missions!
Good luck, soldiers, and see you in combat!


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