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New Discord Nitro Perks are here!

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Hello there!

Guess what? New Discord Nitro perks are live - check 'em out!

Are you already a Discord Nitro subscriber? Claim your Urban Skin bundle now.

This bundle features:

  • “Urban” Skin for KA-BAR Utility Knife, Beretta M93R, SIG 551, Anakon Semi-Auto shotgun, ??-9 and CheyTac M200
  • Sniper Rifle: CheyTac M200

“Urban” skin for KA-BAR Utility Knife

“Urban” skin for Beretta M93R

“Urban” skin for SIG 551

“Urban” skin for Anakon Semi-Auto shotgun

“Urban” skin for  ??-9

“Urban” skin for CheyTac M200

Sniper Rifle: CheyTac M200

Redemption instructions

  • Step 1: Start up Game Center
  • Step 2: Locate Discord Nitro banner on Warface page and click on it.
  • Step 3: If Discord is already running on your PC, it will offer to pick up the gifts. If Discord is not on – you will be redirected to Discord website to download the application.
  • Step 4: Discord will ask to authorize your Warface account. Please verify it.
  • Step 5: Discord will check if you a Nitro subscriber. If you are not – you will see an offer to subscribe.
  • Step 6: Your gifts will be waiting for you in the game. But it could take some time for our little ducklings to transport them there.

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