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Battle Pass Achievements

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Many of you are outstanding achievement connoisseurs. This article will provide substantive insight on the badges, marks and stripes obtainable in the Battle Pass "Berserk", and on perks offered by new weapons.

Battle Pass Achievements

"Berserk" will traditionally feature new achievements that can be pinned to your profile on the forum or in game. Get access to the Battle Pass, complete various tasks, level up and collect class-specific "Salamander" gear sets to get your hands on these flashy distinctions. You can see the requirements in the table below.

Get access to the Berserk Battle Pass.
Berserk Medic
Collect a set of Berserk Medic equipment.
Berserk Sniper
Collect a set of Berserk Sniper equipment.
Berserk Rifleman
Collect a set of Berserk Rifleman equipment.
Berserk Engineer
Collect a set of Berserk Engineer equipment.
Berserk Challenger
Enter the Berserk Tournament.
Berserk Rookie
Complete 25 weekly quests.
Berserk Mercenary
Complete 60 weekly quests.
Reach personal level 10 in the Berserk Battle Pass.
Berserk Warrior
Enter the playoffs in the Berserk Tournament.
Berserk Fighter
Learn all skills in the Fighter category.
Berserk Architect
Learn all skills in the Architect category.
Berserk Marauder
Learn all skills in the Marauder category.
Berserk Leader
Complete all weekly quests.
Reach personal level 30 in the Berserk Battle Pass.
Berserk King
Win any Berserk Tournament.

Weapon achievements

Landing kills with new skinned weapons will grant BP participants unique achievements.

White Falcon
Get 1,000 headshot kills with Berserk weapons.
Skull Knight
Eliminate 1,000 enemies with Berserk weapons while jumping.
Black Swordsman
Eliminate 10,000 enemies with Berserk weapons.
Primeval Fury
Deal 25,000 damage with Tigerstripe weapons.
Eye of the Tiger
Get 1,000 headshot kills with Tigerstripe weapons.
Wild Hunt
Eliminate 10,000 enemies with Tigerstripe weapons.

Can you collect them all?


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