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"Berserk" Battle Pass goes live

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The "Berserk" Battle Pass has begun! Hurry up to complete the first tasks and gain rewards! There are "Salamander" items regenerating health and armor, "Berserk" guns adorned with ancient runes, the pistol ???-9 and other cool prizes. No access yet? Get it right now – it's much more affordable than the ones for the previous events.

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Important! Below will be a dynamic list of critical information and answers to the most pressing questions.You can find answers to the general questions in F.A.Q.

  • The class is chosen once and for all at the beginning of the BP and cannot be changed later. The class selected (including in the trial version) will remain unchanged throughout the event.

Access Types

Full BP access is not free. There are two types: simple and extended. The purchase can be made only with a new payment.

What do extended version holders get?

  • Full access to the event
  • 20 personal progress levels
  • Bronze Age Skin for Typhoon F12
  • 500 "Berserk" smoke grenades

The items will be transferred to the inventory of the "Services" tab upon purchase.

Those who have not made up their mind yet if they feel like taking part can check out the trial version. It has certain restrictions and does not grant the acquisition of the maximum amount of prizes.

  Trial version

 Full version

Access to daily missions + +
Access to weekly missions - +
Access to "Base" functions - +
"Base" section is visible + +
BP and XP gain + +
Rewards for levels reached Up to level 10  +

 "Salamander" gear and "Berserk" weapons

"Salamander" Helmets
"Salamander" Vests
"Salamander" Gloves
"Salamander" Boots

"Berserk": About the Battle Pass

"Berserk" is the most affordable and the easiest Battle Pass we have ever created. The "simple" access costs only $2.99 and features easier tasks in comparison with "Armageddon". "Salamander" set items can be obtained without any in-game efforts: timely research actions on the website will suffice. 

  • New rewards with interesting specs: in the BP, you can get the "Salamander" set regenerating health and armor. In addition, to make use of the maximum bonus set for the first time you must have a specific weapon equipped. Special Operation fans and solo players will definitely appreciate the items in question. Besides, BP participants will be able to get their hands on "Berserk" guns, new "Tigerstripe" camos, unique achievements and smoke grenades producing a completely black smoke screen. Learn more.
  • Class dependent rewards: select the class and get class-specific prizes and personal crates. 
  • Mission system: every Monday, each week out of 12 will bring 10 new missions of various difficulty levels. The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you can get: "Salamander" items for the chosen class, Random Box guns and Battle Points. Missions are 20-30% easier in comparison with "Armageddon". Learn more.
  • Improved Base: the crafting system now features "Salamander" gear for any class and a special blueprint that will allow to select an item for crafting. The crafting of a permanent "Salamander" will cost only 100 resources! The rest of the Base parameters — research, resource and energy gain, and Base improvements remain the same. Learn more
  • Guaranteed rewards from personal crates and the pistol ???-9 for personal progress levels. A permanent crate reward has been added. The player will get it with a 100-percent probability after 49 unsuccessful attempts. Learn more.

The Battle Point and XP gain system for matches played remains the same. You can read more about it in F.A.Q. Moreover, players will continue getting crates and keys. 

There will be no craftable weapons this time: they have been substituted for ???-9 as a reward for levels. There will be resource crates dropped and players will be able to go on crafting guns from the previous Battle Passes. Holders of the full access to the current Battle Pass can craft any arms from the previous events.


Pre-order bonuses will be sent out within the next few days - if you have purchased BP access not later than 15:30 CEST (14:30 UTC) on the 25th September, you will find 5000 "Berserk" smoke grenades in your inventory. 

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Go berserk now!


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