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Grenade modifications

There is hardly a player who does not use smoke grenades — an indispensable tactical tool that allows you to conceal your position from the enemy. The smoke screen visual effect has recently been fine-tuned, but certain aspects of this non-lethal weapon still needed to be reworked.

Car glass hit penetration

It is common practice to use vehicles as a cover in skirmishes. However, in real life rare vehicle parts can provide protection from bullets, in particular windows are easily penetrated by shots.

Once the next Warface update goes live, all transparent car windows will become hit penetrated. Please, bear it in mind while using cars as a shelter.

Secondary gear slot tweaks

The next update will bring revamped slots for secondary gear (explosives, non-lethal weapons and class-specific items). In total there will be 6 slots, each of them with a certain function.

  • Grenade activation. The grenade used to go off when it rolled to a halt on a level surface. However, if it continued to move in space (for example, on moving platforms, slopes and in other cases), the smoke screen was not activated. Now explosion is controlled by a timer which starts after the grenade hits a solid surface. This mechanism ensures that the screen will appear but does not change the basic principles of grenade use such as bounces off walls and others.
  • Density effect. Now the veil intensity will change depending on the player's position inside it: smoke will be more dense and dark in the centre of the cloud than on the edges. Thus, it will allow for better orientation and understanding of where the safe zone ends and the player becomes visible to the enemy.
    • "Special" big slot  for class-specific gear has been removed and replaced with 2 slots below that have a similar function.
    • "Pockets" and "consumables" have been substituted for slots designed for concrete objects, meaning that now the player can carry into battle only one unit of similar items (an explosive grenade, a flash grenade, a smoke grenade and a claymore).

      We will tell you later about the launch date of the update. Be sure to share your thoughts — your opinion is very important to us!

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