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Warface: Titan Update - now live! [UPD]

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A new update has been installed today. A new class, SED, SV-98 sniper rifle, tweaks of guns and equipment, as well as other changes await!


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  1. New content
  1. Content changes

New content   


SED (Synthetically Engineered Double) is a new class; it is a robot you have already got familiar with in the latest Special Operations. As for other classes, it is well-balanced and will not be stronger than them; however, it has unique features that will allow for a brand new gaming experience.

  • Unsurpassed armor. The SED class has a huge armor supply that ensures excellent protection from enemy bullets shot even from the most effective weapon models. This advantage is set off by few health that Medics will not be able to replenish. However, the Engineer class has been adjusted and now they can support SEDs restoring their armor and putting the android back into lines with a special tool — jumper.

  • Heavy weaponry. SED is armored with a heavy machine gun that does not require reloading. Its precision increases with every shot fired. However, there is a drawback to it - SED can shoot only from the hip and the gun tends to overheat so you will not be able to maintain your fire for a long time.

  • SED's secondary weapon is a grenade launcher with two charges: explosion deals damage and has a flashbang effect.

  • Unassisted climbing. Unlike other classes SED can climb high objects without teammates' help: it should only run to an obstacle and jump.

  • Increased stability. There is no way to knock SED off its feet.

  • Special equipment. SED stats are improved with the help of special modules, but it can't use the same equipment as other players. Improved modules are already available in the shop.

  • Low mobility. SED's impressive armor makes it quite heavy: thus, the android has low running and strafe speed as well as a shorter slide distance. Naturally, "human" soldiers are much quicker.

The introduction of the fifth class will have a significant impact on the roles of other classes. The Engineer will now become some kind of a Medic due to the fact that he will be able to put the android back in line. Teamwork will reach a new level when the new class will become the vanguard closely monitored by the Engineer healed by Medics in their turn.

SED is allowed in Ranked matches with all its weapons and equipment!

You can obtain a lot of new and reworked achievements playing as SED.


SV-98 is a sniper rifle that combines crushing power with the ability to aim quickly. This weapon can neutralize almost any target, regardless of where they were hit and their armor.So, the rifle is similar to the Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm, but it is not able to neutralize the new SED class with one shot, even after an aimed shot.

Don't forget about achievements! You will get special awards for eliminating your enemies with this weapon.

We will inform you once SV-98 appears in the shop.

Content changes

Item changes

This update features tweaks to the specs of certain primary weapon models. In addition, the "Spectre" set bonus will be increased.

All the versions of the weapons will be subject to changes, unless stated otherwise.

Hover the cursor over  to see the tweaks


Increased efficient range (from 16 to 17).
More manageable recoil.
Saiga Bullpup

More manageable recoil.
Decreased minimum spread.

Increased rate of fire (from 185 to 190).
Increased efficient range (from 5,8 to 6).
Tavor CTAR?21

Increased damage (from 75 to 76).
Increased damage multiplier to the limbs.
Tavor CTAR-21 Crown (Model 1)

Increased clip capacity (from 30 to 32)
Increased ammo (from 180 to 192).

Increased head damage multiplier.
Magpul FMG-9

Increased damage (from 63 to 65).
Reduced minimum spread.
Increased damage multiplier to the legs.
Golden Magpul FMG-9

Increased damage (from 64 to 66).
Reduced minimum spread.
Increased damage multiplier to the legs.

Moreover, changes will apply to "Spectre" gear.

  • 4-item "Spectre" set bonus: increased health and armor regeneration (from 1 to 2 points) for all classes after 4 secs without hits.
  • 4-item "Salamander" set bonus: decreases damage by 6 per hit.
  • 5-item "Salamander" set bonus: decreases damage by 12 per hit.


We have revamped slots for secondary gear (explosives, non-lethal weapons and class-specific items). In total there will be 6 slots, each of them with a certain function.

  • "Special" big slot  for class-specific gear has been removed and replaced with 2 slots below that have a similar function.
  • a total of 6 slots for additional ammunition (there were 7 before): 3 slots for grenades of various types, 1 slot for a mine and 2 slots for special class equipment;
  • now each player can have only one grenade or mine of each type.

Slide spread changes

The quality of shooting in various character positions is an important part of game mechanics. After changing the sliding system, players faced a situation when there were no additional shooting factors for sniper rifles when sliding - instead, they used the factors for a prone position.

This situation needs to be improved, since when running, sliding or jumping the shooting quality should deteriorate. To get closer to the classic sniper archetype, the current mechanics have been adjusted - the spread when hip-firingduring the slide for all sniper rifles has been increased. We will continue to study this situation and the opinions of the players, and other changes are possible.

Other changes


  • The logic of smoke grenades mechanics upon in a collision with a solid surface has been reworked. Even if a grenade continues to roll or hits a moving object after hitting an obstacle, it will now work anyway.

  • The visual effect of the smoke grenade has been improved: the saturation of the cloud inside will change depending on the position of the player in it - the smoke will be thicker and darker in the center than at the edge.

Weapons and equipment

  • Executor knife attack animation has been improved.
  • The display of shooting effects in zoom mode has been fixed - there will be fewer muzzle flashes and visual artifacts.
  • The visual effect of M26 fragmentation grenade explosion has been updated: now it looks the same on all graphics settings.


  • Achievement progress and combat stats no longer count in custom rooms.


  • Sounds in the Special Operation "Mars" have been improved.
  • Mars (Act 3): redesigned mini-map size.


  • The following things have been oprimized and consume fewer system resources:

    • character models displayed in a warehouse or store;
    • sounds used on PvP maps;
    • some models of game weapons - due to the removal of geometry elements invisible to the player;
    • some common graphic effects on medium and high graphics settings.
  • The shooting through automobile glasses has been redesigned: they can be shot through if they are completely transparent and opponents are visible through them.
  • Added achievements for the "Desert Snake" weapon series.
  • The design of the icons of all classes in the gaming lobby has been slightly changed.
  • The stars on the Chinese flag have been realigned.
  • All grenades except stun grenades are now allowed in ranked matches

Fixed bugs


  • Additional measures have been introduced to prevent the use of nVidia FreeStyle Stickers in order to gain a gaming advantage (in addition to the current ones that are already working successfully).
  • Fixed some cases where the game client began to consume an abnormal amount of memory.
  • Fixed some of the reasons that led to the crash of the game client.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the character information screen displayed incorrect information, and game statistics was not updated.

Weapons and equipment

  • Truvelo CMS 20x42mm: fixed a bug where after switching between the primary and secondary weapons, the animation of the weapons used was not displayed correctly.
  • Shooting range: fixed a bug where the bonus from two set items did not work correctly, when one set item and the necessary weapon is equipped.
  • Christmas Medic Helmet: a visual error was fixed where the texture of the model intervened with the vest model.
  • Desert Eagle: fixed reticle display for Pistol Scope 2x.
  • M32A1: fixed a bug due to which the character’s hand in the warehouse did not display correctly when using female skins.
  • Saiga: fixed weapon reload animation.
  • Saiga: fixed a visual error in which the character’s left hand incorrectly intersected the texture of the weapon model in the first-person view.
  • “Mischief” smoke grenade: fixed visual error when the safety lever of the grenade was in the wrong position.
  • Magic wand: fixed a bug due to which the animation of changing weapons visually continued upon entering the warehouse.
  • Mini Uzi: fixed visual artifacts that occurred when equipped with weapons in the player’s warehouse during a third-person view.
  • LWRC SMG-45: fixed display of the aiming mark in different weapon series when using a collimator sight.
  • VCA-AS: Fixed a bug where the muzzle flame was too bright.
  • Sturmgewehr 44: Fixed a bug where the muzzle flame in zoom mode was too bright.
  • H&K MG4: Fixed a bug due to which the animation of the left hand did not work correctly when hit with a butt.
  • Elite Mossberg 500 Custom, “Mischief” Katana, "Commando" Katana, Winter Sapper shovel: fixed a bug where the animation of the weapon reload time did not correspond to the actual reload time.
  • “Tigerstripe” MK 14 EBR: fixed a bug where some attachments for this model were missing or did not match the regular version.
  • Salamander Engineer Gloves: a visual error was fixed, as a result of which the glove model was not correctly displayed when outfitting at the player’s warehouse.
  • Fixed a bug where the bonus set icon was displayed on items that are not actually part of any of the current sets.
  • Fixed a bug where icons of some equipment items were halved and displayed incorrectly in the player’s warehouse.


  • Sirius: fixed a visual error where the lighting at a certain point on the map did not work correctly.
  • Bridges, Yard: fixed a bug where a player with low shadow settings could become invisible to other players.
  • Destination: fixed a visual error in which the graffiti on the fence could disappear depending on the character's position.
  • Widestreet: fixed a visual bug where the grass texture could intervene with the walls.
  • Sanctuary: Fixed a bug in which at a certain point on the map there could be invisible objects with which you could interact.
  • Icebound: Fixed a bug where sounds did not work correctly at a certain point on the map.
  • Desert: Fixed a bug where the fog was blinking on the map.
  • Yard: Fixed a bug where at some points on the map it was possible to fire through obstacles.
  • Residence, Blackgold, Dock: fixed a bug where some elements of the map disappeared at a certain distance.
  • Motel: Fixed a bug where some items would disappear if a player squatted.
  • Motel, Oil Depot: Fixed a bug where some objects incorrectly passed through the textures of other objects.
  • Platform: Fixed a bug where, at a certain point on the map, light passed through the door on high or medium shadow settings.
  • Pagoda: Fixed a bug in which at a certain point it was possible to set mines in the air.
  • Factory: Fixed a bug where some objects on the map were shot through textures.
  • Factory: Fixed a bug due to which the player could gain an advantage by moving through the textures at a certain point on the map.


  • White Shark: Fixed a bug where Special Forces soldiers could use flashbangs through shelter or walls.
  • Fixed a bug where Firestarter's fire caused damage, but visually appeared later.
  • Mars (Act 3): Fixed a visual error where some elements of the Martian ship flickered incorrectly.
  • Mars (Act 3): Fixed a bug where some elements incorrectly passed through the textures of other objects.
  • Earth Shaker: fixed a bug where the damage from the guards was not taken into account at some points on the map.
  • Training: Fixed a bug in which the animation of the gate opening was not interrupted when the "Use" button was released.
  • Africa: Fixed a bug where opponents disappeared after the distance between them and players increased.
  • Sunrise (Act 1), Icebreaker (Act 4): Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in a certain place on the map.
  • Sunrise (Act 3): Fixed a bug where the special operation could not be completed, since there were no enemies that needed to be eliminated to complete it.
  • Pripyat (Act 2): Fixed a bug where SED could shoot through the wall.


  • Fixed a bug due to which kills made with some serial melee weapons were not counted towards the progress of achievements.
  • Fixed a bug when the character suddenly stopped while in a third-person view, the weapon in his hands started to tremble.
  • Female nanosuit for a medic, Rifleman of the Ghosts squad: a visual error has been fixed that led to incorrect display of the character model when using Fabarm XLR5 Prestige and AK Alpha.
  • Fixed a bug where a personal offer to purchase items was empty.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to re-invite a player to the clan during a game session if the previous invitation expired.
  • Atlas engineer and sniper: fixed a bug where the character’s appearance in the post-match statistics was of poor quality.
  • Fixed the name and description of Berserker Warrior achievement.

Known issues

  • The CZ 805 G1 icon in the warehouse and in the store does not correspond to the visual model of the weapon.
  • Sunrise (Hard): after the Special Operation is completed, there can be seen duplicated SED models on the results screen.
  • UPD: We are aware of the issue with the owners of "Legendary Ronin" and "I can plant potatoes here!" achievements losing the access to the respective stripes. The stripes will be added to your in-game accounts within the coming days.

Good luck in combat!

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