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Warface Anniversary: Six Years Together

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Dear players!

We are most delighted to congratulate you with the sixth anniversary of Warface. Throughout the years, the game has evolved a lot and we hope, that you look forward to its future as much as we do!

Begin Operation "Celebration"!

The fun has begun!

Table of Contents

  1. Anniversary Event
  2. Login Streak
  3. Increased Server Rates
  4. Social Media Contests

Anniversary Event

The sixth anniversary is a great occasion to remember what our game looked like at various time periods. It's like looking through a photo album to dive into memories... or maybe even learn something new! But instead of a photo album there is a new themed event, which will last from today till November the 4th. What are you waiting for?

Begin operation! FAQ

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  • ?very day from today till November the 4th visit our promo page, unlock new tasks, complete them and activate the new ones. Please be vigilant: only one page of the photo album is opened per day.
  • Progress will be counted only after you click the "Activate task" button on the promo page.
  • Only one task is available to you at a time. After completing it, you can go to the next.
  • Only those tasks the launch day of which has already arrived can be carried out.
  • Regardless of the date on which you join the event, you have to start from the first task.
  • Some tasks will require you to complete certain actions on PvP maps - please use in-game banners for easier naviagtion to these maps.
  • In addition to the awards displayed in the photo album, you will receive unique stripes for each completed task. There are six stripes in total. Collect them all!
  • The rewards for the tasks you have completed can be found in "?y items"section of the website, and achievements will be sent straight to the game and on all servers where you have a character.
 From October 18 to November 4 complete tasks and obtain the rewards!
/Ace in the holeAce in the hole
Rising StarRising Star
True ChampionTrue Champion
All MightAll Might
Dread WolfDread Wolf
Warface VeteranWarface Veteran

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Login streak

Log into the game from today and till October 29 to receive cool gifts! We have prepared powerful weapons and special "Sexennial" camo for them.

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Increased Server Rates

From today and till October 23 all players will be receiving increased rewards for the battles.

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Social Media Contests

Join the festive activities on Facebook and Discord to get a chance to win cool prizes!

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Warface is not just the game itself, the devs or the operation team - it's all of you our dear players, your aspirations and your time with us.

So thank your for your continious support and let's rock this party!

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