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Halloween update - already in game!

Categories: Patch Notes

The Halloween update has landed on Warface servers. The "Poltergeist" series, "Red Sand" map, Halloween celebrations and much more are awaiting you. Check them out!



Warface is ready for Halloween celebrations: the Special Operation "Cyber Horde" is back; you can now enjoy the maps "Halloween Farm" and "Halloween Wars", log-in gifts, a blood-chilling theme song and new shop supplies. The event will end when the next update goes live.

In the next few days you will be able to participate in the traditional festive mini-game and receive excellent rewards. We will announce the promotion page launch later. Stay tuned!




“Poltergeist” is a new weapon series, which combines overwhelming power of other weapons and unique design, inspired by the Halloween atmosphere and its most popular symbols. Amazing power of these weapons can both frighten your enemies and satisfy your sense of beauty with sparkling elements on the barrel. Apart from weapon series there are weapon skins of the same style.

Stoner LMG A1

Marlin 1894 Custom


Bushmaster BA50

Maxim 9

Balisong Knife

You can land killing blows with the “Poltergeist“ series weapons and get unique achievements: a custom stripe, a badge and a mark.

You can get the "Poltergeist" items in the festive mini-game that will soon become available.



We are glad to present you the new seasonal map for the "Free for All" mode! This time the Red planet will become the scene of combat featuring a low gravity environment and Martian colonist settlements that you could have contemplated while completing the Special Operation "Mars". It is not possible to imagine Mars without SEDs, meaning that "Red Sand" will be available only for robots outfitted with the Martian ARCUS equipment.

"Red Sand" offers a completely new gaming experience and an opportunity to have lots of fun!




All versions of the specified weapons will be affected unless stated otherwise. You can read more about them below.

Hover the cursor over  to see the tweaks

Clip capacity of the regular version is now 36 rounds and of the golden version - 40 rounds (used to be 32 and 36 respectively).
Max ammo of the regular version is now 180 and of the golden version - 240 (used to be 160 and 180 respectively).
XM556 Microgun
Damage reduced to 80 (used to be 83).
Reduced minimum damage.
Effective range is now 15 (used to be 16).
Maxim 9
The rate of fire of the regular version is now 290 and of the golden version - 300 (used to be 270 and 280 respectively).




The new movement and synchronization system described before is being fine-tuned.
Errors have been identified in the "client-server" mechanisms as well as in animations, level design and other game aspects. Thus, most of the developers are now involved in the fine-tuning of the system.
Some errors have already been fixed, but it will take us some time to solve them all. Therefore, the system will not be implemented with the current update, we expect that it will be installed within the next month, approximately in mid to late November.




  • Certain Random Boxes now feature different drop rates of certain items:
    • the chance of obtaining a permanent version of the weapon (regular and gold) remains the same;
    • the chance of obtaining temporary versions of weapons has risen;
    • the chance of obtaining character skins has been reduced.
  • The game client security system has been modified.
  • New tournament and eSport achievements have been added.
  • Resource consumption of some game model materials has been optimized.


  • The gloves and boots of the "Specter" series ("Beta" and "Sigma" groups) for Medics and Snipers have been added to the list of rewards for the completion of the Special Operation "Mars" on "Hard".
  • The daily log-in rewards have been replaced by themed items. Please note that the progress will start from the day where you finished the previous streak.


  • The Ranked Match matching configurations have been tweaked. Now teams will be better balanced according to players’ effectiveness but at the cost of increased matching time.
  • "Free for All":
    • the time of the kill-camera demonstration (a special mode after the character's death) has been reduced to 3 sec (used to be 4);
    • the respawn protection time has been increased to 1.2 sec (used to be 0.7 sec).
  • The "Farm" and "Street Wars" maps have been replaced by their themed versions.


  • "Mars": the number of deaths required to receive class-specific achievements is now 1000 (used to be 5000).
  • The Special Operation "Cyber Horde" has returned.




  • Fixed the error when the SED could not pick up a bomb if there was a weapon on top of it.
  • Fixed a series of errors in the new movement and synchronization system:
    • an error due to which players could occupy unintended positions on the map;
    • an error that caused incorrect character animation in the third person view if he was lying and then immediately performed a jump.
  • Fixed the error that caused incorrect display of the SED’s sight when it returned to combat and observed its reactivation through the Engineer’s eyes.


  • Mosin Model 1891/30, Dragunov SVU-AS, DSA SA58 SPR: fixed the error when shell casings looked differently in the first and the third person view.
  • MG3: fixed the error when shell casings were not displayed in the third person view.
  • CheyTac M200: fixed the incorrect position of the special muzzle flash effect.


  • "Residence": fixed the error when the player could get trapped in certain windows while sliding.
  • "Forest": fixed the error causing the appearance of a visual artifact under the vehicle in a certain place on the map.
  • "Africa": fixed the error due to which the player could get trapped at certain points on the map.
  • "Hawkrock": fixed the error of the level geometry in a specific place of the map.
  • "D17": fixed the error that caused the appearance of a visual artifact in a specific place on the map.
  • "Bridges": fixed the error causing an incorrect character display if the player had low shadow quality.
  • "Factory": fixed the error due to which the player got teleported back if he tried to get onto a container.
  • "Blackgold": fixed the error due to which the player could get trapped in some doorways while sliding.


  • "Training": fixed the error due to which the Blackwood logo remained in the sky after the destruction of the tower.
  • "The HQ" (6th floor): fixed the error due to which grenades did not deal damage if they exploded on wet surfaces.
  • "The HQ": fixed the error due to which the effect of dealing damage to various surfaces did not correspond to their materials.
  • "Pripyat": fixed the error causing an incorrect display of some objects.
  • "Asia": fixed certain visual effects.
  • Fixed the error due to which the player could find himself outside the helicopter while the level was loading.
  • "Anubis" (Act 2): fixed the error due to which there was an impenetrable and invisible object in a certain place on the map.
  • "Black Shark": fixed the error due to which the player could leave the game area if he was on the left side of the helicopter.
  • "Black Shark": fixed the error that allowed oppontents to penetrate textures.
  • Fixed the error due to which several enemies could appear at a spawn point at the same time.


  • Fixed the error due to which the player's class icon in the Room sometimes did not correspond to the chosen class.
  • Fixed the error due to which the parameter "Allow contacts to join" was sometimes disabled while creating a Room.
  • Fixed the error causing an incorrect character position on the after-match-statistics screen.
  • Fixed the error producing a lateral movement animation while in fact the character was moving backwards in crouch.


Good luck in battle!

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