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Mega VIP till the end of the year

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Dear players!

With November upon us there are so many things to do. Now you have the chance to secure your Mega VIP status for the rest of the year and boost your progress, for a mere USD 1.00 / EUR 0.95 !


In essence, you are able to get an enhanced Mega VIP booster until the end of 2019. This offer is available only once. There is no time to lose!

This Offer ends at 20:59 UTC on 14.11

In case you don’t know what a Mega VIP status offers to you, see the table below:


Already have an active Mega VIP status? Don’t fret, yours will simply be extended till January, 1st, 2020! Just click the “GET MEGA VIP” button above, and you’ll be taken to a transaction page for you to fill in the details. 

And remember that VIP, Mega VIP and regular booster effects stack together!


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