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Secret weapon series №2

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As we have already mentioned, heaps of extraordinary updates and spectacular novelties are just around the corner. The developers are preparing lots of amazing content for you! However, for the time being all the details remain top secret! We would like just to lift the veil of mystery a bit and present you the secret weapon series ?2. These arms are just a tiny bit of a large-scale surprise that you are in for!


The new series will include popular weapon models for all classes and beautifully designed camos for regular guns. The weapons' specs will not differ from their original versions.


Stoner LMG A1

Hera Arms CQR

Typhoon F12

Tavor TS12 Custom


Thompson M1928

Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm



Gerber Tomahawk

Smoke grenade

The secret series guns will be stuffed with unique skinned attachments perfectly matching the arms' style.



Don't forget about commemorative distinctions: by annihilating enemies with these mysterious weapons you will be able to collect special achievements that combined compose a full coat of arms.


Please note that the weapon skins are purely cosmetic and do not affect weapon stats.
You need to have the original weapon in your armory to apply a weapon skin.

Follow our publications to learn the codename and specifications of the secret weapon series and the ways to acquire them.

Haven’t  heard anything about the secret weapon series ?1? Check out this article.

Unravel the mystery ?2!

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