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Soon in game: Safe house revamped

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As we have announced before, the safe house will soon be updated. Players spend a lot of time here, improving their skill and trying new weapons, which is why developers pay so much attention to this place.

General changes

Safe house is now located in the new base. You can easily guess its style: Japan-inspired. This is how PvP and special operation maps you are acquainted with look like.

The same as before, safe house is divided into two zones: firing ground and obstacle zone, but now you have more things to do while training .

Moreover, now you can see a special coach, from who you can take a trainee fighter mission — it’s a short training, consisting of target shooting and practicing all main elements of the game process. If you start the course, but stay passive, your coach will tell you a lot of interesting comments about you and your inappropriate behaviour.

Firing ground

Firing ground is the place where a player can practice shooting. You can choose fixed or moving targets. Every class has its own training with a special scenario.

New function of the firing ground — reaction speed test. It will be held on a special territory, where targets will randomly appear in different spots, and the player must shoot them all. The more targets are shot during the provided period of time — the better the score is.

Obstacle zone

This is the room, where you can pratice your jumping, sliding, going through obstacles and other moving elements. Here you can test navigation through most important maps and gameplay mechanics, which will be very useful during battles. Practice and overcome the enemy on the real battlefield!

Generally, the safe house is now rather grand-scale with the atmosphere it should have as it creates an impression of a real training ground. Apart from the features listed above, you can also find lots of “easter eggs” such as ducks and hidden areas. Don’t forget to check all the corners!

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