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Top Gun Season 4 - Now live!

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We are launching a new season of our Top Gun event - the one where you can get one or event two great permanent guns for free!


Rules for Season 4


  • New permanent rewards: PKP Pecheneg, Saiga Bullpup, Micro Roni CAA and McMillan CS5;
  • The season lasts for 30 days (event finishes on December, 12, 2019);
  • You can earn tokens by completing a PvP or a PvE task;
  • PvP task: 50 kills within a day in any PvP mode;
  • PvE task: 200 kills within a day in any Spec Op;
  • You can only complete 1 mission a day: a PvP OR a PvE one, not BOTH of them.

Token progress

  • You get 1 token for each completed task;
  • For each 5 completed tasks (not necessarily in a row) you get 3 extra tokens and a Mega VIP booster for 1 day;
  • You can get the maximum of 48 tokens in the course of an event (30 for daily tasks + 18 extra).


Each permanent weapon costs 20 tokens, so you can get the max of 2 permanent weapons from the list.

PKP Pecheneg


Saiga Bullpup


Micro Roni CAA


McMillan CS5



Best of luck!

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