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Soon in game: "Great Gatsby" weapon series

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Black Friday is nigh. It is a very special day of the year that brings crazy discounts and unique items. It is only 2 weeks away. To mark the occasion, the developers decided to design a special weapon and camo series for the fans of this dark celebration. The new "Great Gatsby" series may resemble "Platinum" camos due to the same colour scheme and a similar style. However, "Great Gatsby" weapons feature a unique ornament that is very impressive!


The brand-new series will include popular weapon models for all classes and beautifully designed camos for regular guns. The weapons' specs will not differ from their original versions. Look how stunningly beautiful they are!

The arms will come with lots of unique skinned attachments that fit perfectly the weapon style. 

Don't forget about the achievements: use the guns of the new series in combat and collect one-off distinctions that when combined compose a full coat of arms. 

Please note that weapon skins are purely cosmetic and do not affect weapon stats. You need to have the original weapon in your armory to apply a weapon skin. 

Click on the picture to have a better look at the gun.


We will tell you later about the launch date of the update featuring these stylish "Great Gatsby" items and the ways of acquiring them.

It takes two to make an accident!

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