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K.I.W.I. shop update

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K.I.W.I. shop update brings a wide assortment of exotic goods.

This line-up will  be available via Direct Sale (Kredits) and will stay in store till around 10:00 CET (9:00 UTC) on the 22nd of November:

 ???? ?????????? K.I.W.I. Rifleman Helmet
 ???? ?????? K.I.W.I. Medic Helmet
 ???? ???????? K.I.W.I. Engineer Helmet
 ???? ???????? K.I.W.I. Sniper Helmet
 ????? K.I.W.I. Vest
 ???????? K.I.W.I. Gloves
 ??????? K.I.W.I. Boots
VHS-2 K.I.W.I. VHS-2 + camo
????? H.G.C. CustomK.I.W.I. Saiga H.G.C. Custom + camo
UZI Pro K.I.W.I. UZI Pro + camo
Gepard GM6 Lynx K.I.W.I. Gepard GM6 Lynx + camo
MPA 930DMG K.I.W.I. MPA 930DMG + camo
??? M48 BowieK.I.W.I. M48 Bowie Knife + camo
???????????? KA?BARK.I.W.I. KA?BAR Kukri machete + camo
FN FAL DSA-58K.I.W.I. camo for FN FAL DSA-58
Fostech Origin-12K.I.W.I. camo for Fostech Origin-12
Desert Tech MDR?CK.I.W.I. camo for Desert Tech MDR?C
AX308K.I.W.I. camo for AX308
S&W M&P R8K.I.W.I. camo for S&W M&P R8
??????????? ?????K.I.W.I. camo for Tactical Axe

Prepare and conquer!

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