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Dark shop update

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This very special dark shop update features newer golden weapons, timeless classics for all the classes and extremely useful boosters that will help you accelerate your progress. All of them are up for grabs with pleasant discounts! 

only till the 2nd of December

Kredit Random Boxes

We have prepared lots of exciting offers for you. The store has been topped up with the following guns available via Kredit Random Boxes with a 25% discount:

  • Regular and Golden Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm
  • Regular and Golden H&K G28
  • Regular and Golden SIG MPX SBR Custom
  • Regular and Golden Thompson M1928
  • Regular and Golden Tavor TS12 Custom
  • Regular and Golden Marlin 1894 Custom
  • Regular and Golden ??-12
  • Regular and Golden F90 MBR
  • Regular and Golden Stoner LMG A1
Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm
 H&K G28
Thompson M1928
Tavor TS12 Custom
Marlin 1894 Custom
Stoner LMG A1

Crown Random Boxes

Do you prefer Crowns? We have prepared the following guns available via Crown Random Boxes:

  • Regular and Golden H&K G28
  • Regular and Golden SIG MPX SBR Custom
  • Regular and Golden Tavor TS12 Custom
  • Regular and Golden Stoner LMG A1

Direct Sale

The following shiny items are already available via Direct sale. Grab them while they are at 20% off!

  • Golden Beretta ARX160
  • Golden DP-12
  • Golden LWRC SMG-45
  • Golden Bushmaster BA50
  • Golden Balisong Knife
  • Golden SIG Sauer P226 C

Other discounts

Get the VIP Booster, the Mega VIP-Booster and a Booster bundle at 50% off. Don’t miss the chance to speed up your progress!

Special Highlight: Golden Balisong Knife

Balisongs gained wide popularity after the Second World War. American troops were bringing tons of these exotic weapons home from Philippines. Thanks to its simple and reliable construction the knife quickly became popular, especially among street gangs and criminal organizations.

Balisong popularity and its unique construction naturally led to “flipping” – the art of spinning the butterfly. Master-flippers can perform spectacular and virtuosic combinations and tricks with this knife.

Balisong Knife matches all the quality standards of melee weapons, and its power attack (RMB) can “one-shot” even foes in Corundum vests. The golden version of the knife has increased damage and effective radius, which will surely be appreciated by the fans of PVE modes.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a balisong!

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