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Black Friday sales

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Black Friday has finally arrived! You can get an assortment of great and even rare items with an epic discount of up to 70%.

Sales Page

This is a  personal offer that will last from today to the 2nd of December 09:00 UTC (10:00 CET). Wait for the deals of your liking and grab the items you want!

The assortment:

  • golden and regular weapons as well as Random Boxes
  • "Yakuza" and "Impulse" weapon skins
  • "Top Dog" and "Earth Shaker" helmets
  • "Paragon", SAS, COS, GROM, Guerrilla and Exosuit "AOS M2" body camo
  • "Jolly Roger" stripe

Here is how this offer works:

  • A list of discounted items is presented to you on a special promo page. Discounts vary between items.
  • These discounts are increasing with time. The speed of discount increase varies between items.
  • At the same time you never know when your personal list of discounted items will refresh and change into a list with other discounted items. List refreshes are random. You should choose whether to buy the desired items at a given price or hope for an increase in time, which may result in a refresh.
  • You can book up to 6 items at the same time from different lists. List refreshes will not affect the booking. The booking will last 1 hour. If you don’t pay for the chosen item(s) within this 1 hour – the booking will be released.
  • If you want to get the best deal possible, it’s a good idea to real-time monitor this offer.
  • You cannot use pre-purchased Kredits for this offer.
  • The purchased items will be added to your website inventory.

Important: In case of  a payment taking place after the booking was released - you will receive Kredits. 

Note: If  the contents of the promo page are displayed incorrectly and you are using Google Chrome - please press Ctrl+F5.

Sales Page

Have a good catch of our deals!

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