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Gold Rush

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Can you boast an extensive collection of sleek golden guns? In this case get a guaranteed reward for five class-specific golden weapons assembled in your inventory. The more guns you have, the more gifts you can receive!


Collect in your inventory five permanent class-specific golden weapons from the list below and get a special gift! The permanent golden versions of FN FAL DSA-58, MAG-7, LWRC SMG-45 and Remington MSR are up for grabs. It is high time for you to top up your armoury and put the new arms to the test in a heated combat!

Please note

  • The offer will be live till 20:59 UTC (21:59 CET) on the 31st of December.
  • To get the reward you need to acquire 5 permanent golden weapons from the list below for any of the four classes: "Rifleman", "Medic", "Engineer" or "Sniper". Be careful: the number of guns in the arsenal is counted separately for each class.
  • In the framework of the event you can get one arm for each class. That amounts to the total of 4 permanent golden weapons.
  • The gift will be transferred to "My items" in the first half of January.
  • The offer applies to permanent golden primaries except for the golden versions of AK-47, AK "Alpha", AWM, AS VAL, Typhoon F12 and CDX-MC Kraken.
The offer applies to the following weapons:


  • Golden M249 Para
  • Golden M16A3 Custom
  • Golden Enfield L85A2 Custom
  • Golden PKP Pecheneg
  • Golden FN SCAR-H
  • Golden RPD Custom
  • Golden ACR
  • Golden DP-27
  • Golden HCAR
  • Golden Hera Arms CQR
  • Golden AK-12
  • Golden F90 MBR
  • Golden Beretta ARX160
  • Golden Stoner LMG A1


  • Golden Fabarm STF 12 Compact
  • Golden Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro
  • Golden Fabarm XLR5 Prestige
  • Golden Saiga Bullpup
  • Golden DP-12
  • Golden Winchester 1887
  • Golden Fostech Origin-12
  • Golden Uzkon UNG-12
  • Golden Marlin 1894 Custom
  • Golden Tavor TS12 Custom


  • Golden Tavor CTAR-21
  • Golden SCAR-L PDW
  • Golden Honey Badger
  • Golden Magpul FMG-9
  • Golden CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1
  • Golden Desert Tech MDR-C
  • Golden ACR CQB
  • Golden Micro-Roni
  • Golden SIG MPX SBR Custom
  • Golden Thompson M1928


  • Golden AX308
  • Golden Remington R11 RSASS
  • Golden Steyr Scout
  • Golden Dragunov SVU-AS
  • Golden AS50
  • Golden M14 Crazy Horse
  • Golden SV-98
  • Golden Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm
  • Golden H&K G28
  • Golden McMillan CS5
  • Golden Bushmaster BA50

Q: If I already have got the weapon that can be achieved as a gift, can I choose another gun?
A: No, you can’t. You will get the arms indicated all the same, but they can be transferred to another server.

Q: I have temporary golden guns. Will they count?
A: No, they won’t.

Q: In total I have 5 models necessary to claim the gift, but they belong to soldiers on different servers. Will they count?
A: No, they won’t, the progress is counted separately for each server.

Q: If I do not have the necessary guns when the offer starts, but I acquire them later while the event is still on, will I get the gift?
A: Yes, sure!

Q: I have got 5 weapon models for the Medic that had been achieved before the offer stared. Will I get the reward?
A: Yes, you will receive Golden MAG-7 if your guns belong to the same character and enter the list of weapons eligible for the promotion.

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