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Warface Berserk Tournament is finished

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Warface Berserk Tournament is over! These weeks have been really exciting and kept us in suspense till the very end. Now we are glad to announce our prizewinners.

Congratulations to: 

First place: Hive

Second place: Teletubbies

Third place: Vita

Forth place: JusTBaD

5-6 places: Vаynahi and DeadInside

7-8 places: Lya.Kakoi and Reformed

We are grateful to all teams that have taken part in the tournament and happy to congratulate the winners on their victory! 

This tournament is the last one in 2019. But don't worry, there will be many more in 2020! We are looking forward to meeting new teams and seeing new faces climbing up to the Champion title!

You are making the history! 

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