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Warface Recap #1 - Questions answered

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You keep asking us many questions about our development plans, game mechanics, balance, netcode and other things. In order to make our answers visible to everyone, not just to those who asked us the questions, we decided to create a regular FAQ to keep you updated on these things.
Let's get started!

Hot issues

This section will deal with the hottest topics currently discussed in the community. Here we'll give you the information on how we are dealing with this issue and try to give the time estimations of the changes.


Our developers are working on the improvement of the new netcode as well as the optimization of the regional matchmaking and preventing people from getting to a server they didn’t choose in the game center. We appreciate your patience and hope that these changes will improve your game experience as soon as possible.


Currently, we are not planning to remove SED from the game or from ranked matches. We have gathered your feedback about this class and will introduce a rebalance, so that this class could better fit in the gameplay of Warface, especially in competitive modes.
We expect the rebalance of SED to be introduced in THE NEXT UPDATE.


Quality of Life changes

This section will cover some of the Quality of Life changes you have asked for. These are the changes that are to make you game experience better and more enjoyable. It's not only about fixing bugs, after all.

Character Loadouts

You have been asking us to introduce character loadouts, so that it would be easier for you to go to PvP or PvE without having to spend much time changing gear. As many other UI features, this will be considered while recreating the new UI, the task we have been working on for a while now.
We expect that UI changes will also make it possible to browse the inventory while searching for the game, as well as add some additional information, e.g. more weapon stats.
New UI is currently under development and planned for 2020. Follow the news to get a more accurate ETA.

Battle Passes

The main issue that our players face while using the Battle Pass is the tasks counting. Or… not counting, to be more precise. Due to the website-based nature of Battle Passes, it might take a long time for them to synchronize with the game database and start counting the tasks. We can mitigate the problems when they occur, but they will keep appearing, unless we integrate the Battle Pass into the game.
Such a thing already works for consoles, yet the whole system of a Battle Pass there is quite simple and does not include mechanics like crafting, operations or many other things that a website base allows.
We are striving to make the Battle Pass client-based and are looking forward to making it happen in 2020.
Follow the news to get more precise dates.


This is a section that will deal with some popular questions you asked us in Warface Official Discord. The procedure is simple - Question-Answer.
Q: Make chat ban ONLY for general chat. I cannot contact to friend in private chat, I cannot text to spec op room chat. I can't even ask people about adding them for Spec Op.
A: This sounds reasonable. We’ll see what we can do with this one.
Q: Make it possible to sell achievements. Every 10 and 25k there should be the option to sell it for 10 and 25 kredits. After this is done, players can re-earn the achievement and start again.
A: To get an achievement one has to achieve! This will hardly be implemented into our game for weapon achievements, though some of the achievements are already for sale (for instance, Atlas of War badges)
That will be it for today's Recap. Have we forgotten something important? Feel free to ask more questions in the forum thread or Warface Official Discord.
Warface Team


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