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Soon in game: Golden Kriss Super V Custom

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One of the next updates will top up the Engineer arsenal with a long-awaited golden version of the modular submachine gun Kriss Super V Custom. It will sport excellent combat specs, a larger mag and will take more ammo. Check out the novelty, soon you will be able to test it in game!

KRISS Vector

The submachine gun KRISS Vector was developed by the American company Transformational Defense Industries. The first prototypes successfully passed testing in 2005. Their excellent results allowed to start mass production of the model in 2006.

The main advantages of this small arm are a highly accurate automatic fire and incredible controllability of the weapon while firing, taking into account that its rate of fire achieves 1800 rounds per minute depending on the modification.

KRISS Vector is a perfect combination of a highly technological design which employs aluminum and polymeric materials and unique automatics featuring a delayed blowback system. Thus, the gun weighs no more than 3.1 kg and is quite compact (up to 61 cm long). Various accessories can be easily mounted on it thanks to the Picatinny rail.

Moreover, you will not need any special tools to change the weapon's calibre in a matter of seconds (for example, the .45 ACP for the 9х19 mm Parabellum). The submachine gun in question offers three modes of fire: single shots, 2-round bursts and automatic continuous fire.

Weapon in game

Kriss Super V Custom is a popular Engineer primary boasting cool futuristic looks. Its first-rate specs appeal to many players. The golden version will preserve the advantages of the regular Kriss Super V Custom and will boast a larger 36-round magazine and increased ammo (216 rounds).

Just like any other golden gun, Kriss Super V Custom will be efficient against cyborgs dealing them 50% more damage. As for unique achievements, by killing 999 enemies with the arm’s golden version you will be able to become a proud bearer of a custom stripe.

Please note that the specs indicated can be subject to changes per general testing results.

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