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Typhoon with Kraken in store

Categories: Offers
Two top-tier weapons have been spotted in store: Typhoon F12 and CDX-MC Kraken.
Their Regular and Golden versions will be available via Kredit Random Boxes till around 9:00 UTC (10:00 CET) on the 20th of January.

Typhoon F12

Typhoon F12 is an automatic shotgun that is quite easy to use: it feels as though you were born with this gun in hands. It is an arm of choice for beginners as well as for battle-hardened veterans.

CDX-MC Kraken

This impressive bolt-action sniper rifle comprises all the specs a sniper needs: stunning high damage, high-usability scope for zooming in and out at incredible speeds, and both are topped off by increased damage to the limbs and a large enough magazine.

Become the force of nature!

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